Why do sheet metal processing plants choose fiber laser metal laser cutting machines first?

Sheet metal processing, which occupies one-third of the world in metal processing, has a wide range of applications and appears in almost all walks of life. If you count the cutting processes of sheet metal (the thickness of the metal sheet is less than 6mm), it is nothing more than laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, shearing machine, stamping, etc. Among them, laser cutting has emerged and developed vigorously in recent years. In the field of sheet metal cutting, it can perform perfect and effective cutting from micron-sized ultra-thin plates to tens of millimeters thick plates. In a sense, laser-cutting machines have brought a technological revolution to sheet metal processing. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting is easier to understand and learn, and has absolute advantages in terms of processing effect and speed required by merchants. Therefore, it is believed that in the choice of cutting methods in the future, laser cutting machines will be the general trend.

Sheet metal processing industry3 laser cutting amchine

Sheet metal parts are a very common metal material. At the same time, sheet metal parts are used in a wide range of manufacturing industries, such as electronics, electrical appliances, communication equipment, and automobiles. An increasing number of manufacturers have just begun to produce sheet metal parts. Usually, when manufacturers produce sheet metal parts, they first choose fiber laser metal laser cutting machines for production, which is also due to the precision of fiber laser metal laser cutting machines. high and efficient. So what are the specific advantages of fiber laser metal laser cutting machines in the production and manufacture of sheet metal parts? There are mainly the following three points!

1. Improve the efficiency of laser cutting and use CNC programming software

The main purpose of the sheet metal processing factory is to produce sheet metal parts, and the efficiency is also considered in the processing process, and the cycle is relatively short. Such a manufacturing process requires relatively high technical content. When fiber laser metal laser cutting machines use CNC programming software, they can automatically complete the cutting process of parts without the influence of artificial factors, which greatly improves the work efficiency of sheet metal parts cutting.

2. Maintain mass production and manufacturing of sheet metal parts and spare parts, saving product development time and needs

In the production and manufacture of sheet metal parts, mass production is a common demand, and cutting processing with particularly high precision also accounts for a large proportion. If traditional machine tools are used for processing, design drawings, manufacturing and processing cycle and other issues need to be considered. A series of cumbersome operations, not to mention the cycle, are not optimistic about the benefits. However, fiber laser metal laser cutting machines have advantages in mass production. It not only performs very well in terms of work efficiency but also maintains the stability of the accuracy of sheet metal parts and components. It is deeply loved by the majority of processing manufacturers and can effectively save Product development time takes.

3. Reduce the process flow of sheet metal processing plants and reduce product costs

Thinking of the complex process in the manufacturing and processing of sheet metal parts, various processing methods are used to ensure the accuracy of the parts. Several steps of cutting methods are needed to perfectly cut them into the shape you need, which requires more cost. A lot of manpower and material resources have been spent on operation and management. The use of fiber laser metal laser cutting machines can reduce the processing links of sheet metal processing plants, reduce the cost of products, and can complete the cutting of each small part more accurately.


In the process of producing and manufacturing sheet metal parts, sheet metal processing factories often choose fiber laser metal laser cutting machines to process parts. These effortless tasks benefit from the high precision and high efficiency of fiber laser metal laser cutting machines. Its efficiency in laser cutting work is particularly outstanding, and it is bound to bring tangible benefits and benefits to sheet metal processing plants.