Suitable For All Kinds Of Metal Electronic Hardware Accessories Industry Low Power UV Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Sale

UV fiber laser marking machine, that is, a machine that uses ultraviolet fiber laser marking, uses a laser wavelength of 1/3 of 1064nm, so it is called a UV fiber laser marking machine. It is high-end marking equipment with many excellent performances and advantages, which can meet the needs of various occasions.

Different kinds of materials have high absorption rates to ultraviolet light, which is also an important reason why UV fiber laser marking machines can achieve fine marking. At the same time, the spot size is smaller and the spot can be concentrated to achieve a fine marking effect even in a limited space, and the marking quality is more excellent.

machine appearance

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UV fiber laser marking machine

The UV fiber laser marking machine is very small in size, extremely light in weight, and easy to carry, which is another major advantage of it. Therefore, marking operations can be carried out conveniently whether in the factory or when working outside. At the same time, ease to move can also greatly improve work efficiency.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine has a wide range of application value. In the fields of automobiles, electronics, aerospace, food, etc., UV laser marking machines can be used for marking operations. For the marking needs of various materials, UV laser marking machines can provide professional, efficient, and accurate solutions, which are of great value.

In a word, the UV laser marking machine is excellent marking equipment, which is popular in the market for its high efficiency, precision, and reliability. No matter from the point of view of marking effect, equipment weight, or operation convenience, a UV laser marking machine is a rare high-end piece of equipment, which is worth your investment.

machine performance

Cold processing method, stable product quality

UV fiber laser marking machine is unique marking equipment. The “cold” processing method does not need to touch the surface of the object, avoids the damage of the heat-affected zone to the surface of the object, greatly reduces the generation of harmful gases, and can meet the needs of modern industrial production for environmental protection.

Stable product quality, fine spot

The marking process of the UV fiber laser marking machine is stable and reliable and can meet high-demand marking tasks. The light spot is fine, the light spot is small, and the marking content is identifiable. It is suitable for marking tasks that require high precision, such as marking high-precision electronic products. Moreover, the marking software of this equipment has a multilingual interface, which is easy and convenient to operate.

Maintenance-free, low operating costs

The light source used in the UV fiber laser marking machine is an air-cooled ultraviolet laser, which does not require liquid nitrogen, consumables, maintenance, and frequent replacement of parts. Its equipment operation cost is low, which can save a lot of economic and labor costs for enterprises.

Small heat-affected area, high conversion rate

The traditional marking machine will generate a lot of heat during the marking process, which will burn some materials, which has a great impact on some sensitive materials. The “cold” processing method adopted by the UV fiber laser marking machine can complete the marking task without burning the material. In this way, the marking effect is better and the photoelectric conversion rate is higher. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of self-protection of the temperature switch in the laser and a complete alarm mechanism.

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Flexible and changeable, beautiful lines

The marking content of the UV fiber laser marking machine is very flexible and changeable, and various marking schemes can be formulated according to needs. The lines are exquisite, which can perfectly display the corporate image and product characteristics. These undoubtedly bring a lot of convenience to the company’s brand promotion and product marketing.

sample display

This UV fiber laser marking machine is suitable for marking and engraving various metal materials and some non-metal materials. Suitable for electronics and communication products, integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, and electrical appliances; various parts, automobile and machinery parts, hardware tools, instruments, aerospace components, and other industries.

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