Three Chuck Professional 6m 9m Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Tube Laser Tube Cutting Machine TM Series

Laser cutting technology has become the preferred cutting method in the field of pipe cutting, because it not only has high precision, and fast cutting speed, but also stable quality. The Three-chuck Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine stands out among the tube cutting machines with its excellent cutting quality. Let’s take a look at this machine.

machine appearance

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Three-chuck Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine TM Series

Three-chuck Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine adopts three-chuck linkage technology, which can simultaneously tighten and perform segmented feeding cutting, to achieve zero tailing cutting and improve material utilization. At the same time, the front and rear double pneumatic support ensures the stability and precision of pipe processing and greatly reduces the risk of pipe deformation.

It is precise because of the high precision, high speed, and reliability of the Three-chuck Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine that it can accurately cut out various shapes of tubes required by users. At the same time, the machine can be equipped with an optional loading and unloading device, which is indispensable equipment for the automatic production line of pipes. It saves human eye observation, manual handling, manual operation, and other processes, realizes unmanned operation, and improves Improve cutting quality and efficiency.

The tubes processed by Three-chuck Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine have a certain quality assurance in terms of surface smoothness and internal structure. The cut pipe only leaves an extremely small incision at a few tenths of a millimeter, the cut is smooth, there is no risk of deformation, and it will not have any impact on the quality of the pipe when it is used.

Three-chuck Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine has a wide range of applications, not only can be used in fitness equipment, automobile manufacturing, heat preservation containers, office furniture, aerial work, and other industries but also provide solutions for agricultural machinery, hardware products, and other industries. Through the cutting process of the TM series, customers can obtain high-quality pipes in a short time, greatly reduce the cost of pipe processing, and can achieve better production profits.

machine performance

1. Double roller clamping design structure to improve cutting accuracy

Three-chuck Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine TM Series adopts a double-roller clamping design structure, which can reduce pipe shaking and improve cutting accuracy. In addition, the intelligent clamping force is adjustable, which can avoid the deformation of the pipe clamp. The chuck is equipped with a dust and slag suction port, so the cutting is environmentally friendly and worry-free.

2. The three chucks move each other, greatly improving the cutting accuracy

To realize the cutting and blanking of tubes of any length, the Three-chuck Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine TM Series adopts the design structure of three chucks that move each other. This design structure can maximize the use of the entire pipe, realize the pull-type cutting of the pipe, and greatly improve the cutting accuracy. Under certain conditions, zero tailing cutting can even be achieved.

3. High-precision transmission device to ensure cutting accuracy

Three-chuck Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine TM Series adopts high-precision transmission devices such as a drive rack, linear guide rail, and W-direction rotary drive to ensure the accuracy of transmission and further improve cutting accuracy.

4. Limit switch control to ensure the safety of machine tool movement

The chuck is set with limit switch control and is equipped with a hard limit device, which effectively ensures the safety of machine tool movement. The machine bed is integrally welded and runs smoothly. It is formed by integral welding of rectangular tubes, the machining process is more stable and the cutting accuracy is higher.

sample display

Three-chuck Professional Laser Tube Cutting Machine TM Series is mainly used for fast cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, copper, and other metal pipes.

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sample99 fiber laser cutting machine
sample97 fiber laser cutting machine

customer service

Pre-sales service – all-round technical support to help you choose the right equipment

In the pre-sales stage, our company will stand with the customer from the perspective of the customer according to the customer’s needs, and provide practical technical consultation and corresponding product information. At the same time, from the perspective of technical feasibility, we will assist customers in the market analysis of fiber laser cutting machines, communicate with customers, provide customers with satisfactory technical solutions, and help them choose the most suitable equipment.

In-sale service – a responsible service provider

In the sales stage, we will provide customers with product instruction manuals, provide technical support and operator training, to ensure that operators are proficient in the equipment operating procedures and can be put into production smoothly.

After-sales service——Professional after-sales service makes customers worry-free

We provide the warranty service of “the whole set of equipment is installed and debugged at the customer’s site, and guaranteed for one year from the date of acceptance”. We also carry out upgrade training to allow customers to obtain more advanced technical services. In the after-sales stage, we have always maintained close contact with customers, so that customers have no worries during use.