The needing attention of 100W 150W co2 laser cutting engraving machine cutting thick acrylic in the advertisement industry

CO2 laser cutting engraving machine cutting is ideal for engraving and cutting acrylic material, because of the amazing effect of finished acrylic processed by CO2 laser cutting machine. Other techniques, such as a CNC router or dicing saw, often leave a blurred edge color and require secondary processing to achieve flame polishing. However, laser beam-cut acrylic has a smooth and polished cross-section and does not require subsequent processing, so it is widely used in the advertising industry.

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When laser cutting acrylic sheets, thin sheet acrylic usually cuts easily and gives good results. But sometimes when cutting thick acrylic materials, you may encounter uneven cutting edges, and what’s worse, when processing colored acrylic, your cuts will turn white. With some laser cutting skills, you can improve your skills in cutting thick acrylic with a cutting machine. The following points can be used as a reference for you to operate the laser machine.

1. Check the wattage of the laser cutting machine

For CO2 laser cutting thick acrylic, you need high enough wattage to get the job done. For thinner sheets like 3mm acrylic you can cut successfully on 150W or 200W, but if you want to cut 25mm acrylic you will need a 250W or 400W laser.

2. Check the lens of the laser cutting machine

While most operators know that they need very low air pressure to achieve polished edges, they may not know how dirty this can make their lenses. A dusty lens can cause a host of problems for the operator, from poor focus to reduced laser power. If you want to cut acrylic work with polished edges, check your lenses daily, or at least every other day, to prevent these problems.

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3. Adjust the focal length of the laser-cutting machine

For the laser to cut thick acrylic materials better, it is helpful to adjust the focal length to focus the laser energy. For example, if you want to cut a 10mm or 20mm sheet of acrylic, a lens with a longer focal length will spread out the focus and give you a straighter cut. It will make the beam a bit wider, preventing slanted or uneven edges.

If you are interested in cutting thick acrylic, we can recommend the right configuration to meet your needs. The beam of the DXTECHINDIA laser-cutting machine is thin and stable. Advanced Ruida control system, with a professional motion control chip, has continuous high-speed curve cutting and shortest path selection functions, greatly improving your work efficiency.

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If your workshop or home workshop needs to process acrylic materials, choosing a CO2 laser cutting machine is an important step in improving the efficiency of your workshop. If you have any questions, you can consult online at any time.

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