The 3-in-1: cutting, welding and cleaning machine sent to Kazakhstan

After less than a month of processing and debugging, the cutting, welding and cleaning machine sent to Kazakhstan was finally packed.

The 3 in 1 cutting, welding and cleaning machine sent to Kazakhstan1
The 3 in 1 cutting, welding and cleaning machine sent to Kazakhstan2

The customer from Kazakhstan who bought the machine contacted us after reading the website. First, he told us the material and thickness he wanted to weld. He also said that his budget was limited and he had some cutting needs. He hoped to get A welding machine that is reasonably priced and capable of outdoor processing; based on this information, our salesman recommended a portable cutting, welding and cleaning machine, and then communicated with the customer through video and welded the samples requested by the customer, and at the same time gave us The factory conducted a video inspection,the customer quickly paid the deposit, allowing us to start production first.

We are well aware of the urgent needs of customers for machines, and we speed up production on the premise of safe production and responsibility for machine quality. Finally, the delivery is completed 5 days earlier than the stipulated time. Customers call us to thank us for our fast delivery to meet their production requirements. Demand, time is money, thank you for saving him time!
Our aim is: Urgent customer needs, think customer needs! The gratitude and trust of customers is the greatest support and affirmation for us!

Brief description of the machine

The 3 in 1 cutting, welding and cleaning machine sent to Kazakhstan3

The 3-in-1 welding machine is a machine that integrates cutting, welding and cleaning. It can meet the welding needs of most people, and is suitable for customers with low budget but who need a variety of processes.

Function details

Cutting: The 3-in-1 cutting function is only an auxiliary function. Cutting paths can only be grasped with both hands. It can only be cut in a straight line, and cannot cut various patterns. It cannot be processed in batches and can only be cut occasionally. If you have higher requirements for cutting functions, it is recommended that you choose a professional laser cutting machine.

Welding: This is the main function of the 3-in-1 machine. Machines of different powers can weld metals of different thicknesses. You can inform us in advance how thick the metal you want to cut, so that we can recommend the machine for you.

Cleaning: The 3-in-1 cleaning function, which can quickly and easily remove oil, rust and coating before welding, and remove debris and discoloration after welding, subsequent spraying or painting.

machine recommendation

The 3 in 1 cutting, welding and cleaning machine sent to Kazakhstan4


1. Non-contact welding, no damage to the workpiece, no deformation of the base metal; convenient and simple operation, suitable for welding at various angles and positions.
2. For common materials and thicknesses, the system comes with a process parameter library. The laser welding depth is large and the welding is firm.
3. According to different application scenarios, the corresponding nozzles can be replaced conveniently and quickly, plug and play, and can be used for outdoor construction with higher efficiency.
4. Wide range of application, high precision, fast speed, suitable for mass welding production and processing of various hardware materials.
5. Ergonomic design, hand-held welding head is light and flexible, comfortable and easy to hold;
6. The whole machine is small in size, takes up less space on the site, and can be flexibly adjusted and combined.

Welding samples

sample84 fiber laser cutting machine

Fillet welding

sample86 fiber laser cutting machine

pipe welding

sample87 fiber laser cutting machine

spot welding

At present, 3-in-1: cutting, welding and cleaning machine is suitable for stainless steel and aluminum alloy products, which require deep molten pool, fast welding speed and high surface welding effect. If you want to know more machine information, please contact us.

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