Sheet And Tube Laser Cutting Machine


DXTECH sheet and tube laser cutting machine can not only cut plates, but also cut profiles (including square tubes, round tubes, channel steel, angle steel, etc.), the specific model and configuration should be selected according to your strength and situation.
  • The focus spot is smaller, the cutting line is thinner, the cutting is smooth, the appearance is beautiful, no deformation, the work efficiency is higher, and the processing quality is better.
  • Using fiber laser, compact structure, small size, fixed optical path, low energy consumption, stable cutting quality.
  • The collet clamping system, the collet is self-aligning, and the clamping force is automatically adjusted according to the profile specifications to ensure that the thin tube is clamped without damage.


sheet and tube laser cutting machine Technical Parameters

Working Area 1515×3030mm,1515×4040mm,



Laser Output Power 1000W-6000W
Maximum processing length 3m/6m
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Max Speed 140m/min
Maximum acceleration 1.5G
Servo motor Fuji
Electrical components Schneider
Reducer SHIMPO

Part configuration

Plate welding bed fiber laser cutitng machine

The Plate welded bed

  1. Groove welding process is adopted to realize equal-strength welding between steel plates without tearing the weld seam.
  2. Using computer finite element analysis to assist optimal design, the design is more reasonable, and the rigidity and strength of the bed are greatly improved.
  3. The bed is treated with stress relief annealing on the basis of its own weight, so the bed is not easy to deform and is more stable.
  4. The unique welding structure has a better shock absorption effect, which can effectively reduce the error caused by vibration during the cutting process and make the cutting more accurate.

Aviation Aluminum Gantry

Stable performance, high strength, not easy to deform.

Heavy-duty design ensures aerospace aluminum is manufactured to aerospace standards and extruded in a 4,300 ton press. The hardness can reach T6 after processing.

high speed

Aviation aluminum has the characteristics of good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and low density, which greatly improves the processing speed.
fiber laser cutting machine3
pro-raytools fiberlaser cutting machine


  1. The internal structure is completely sealed to prevent the optical part from being polluted by dust.
  2. It can be adjusted at four points, and the focus adopts a cam structure, which is easy to adjust.
  3. The protective lens is installed in a drawer, fully upgraded dust-proof design, and double-layer protection.
  4. The collimating mirror, focusing mirror and nozzle have a cooling structure.


This sheet and tube laser cutting machine is suitable for customers who have cutting needs for sheets and tubes. It can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, galvanized steel, copper and other metals with high quality.

sample1 fiber laser cutting machine
sample2 fiber laser cutting machine
sample9 fiber laser cutting machine
sample4 fiber laser cutting machine
sample5 fiber laser cutting machine
sample5 fiber laser cutting machine

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