Regular hot-selling 2000W laser cleaning machine is used for metal de-rusting sent to Sydney, Australia

Thanks to Australian customers for choosing the DXTECHINDIA Regular 2000W laser cleaning machine.

Due to DXTECHINDIA’s superior company strength, advanced appearance design, excellent machine quality, perfect after-sales service, meticulous explanation, and dedicated customer service, Australian customers firmly choose to cooperate with us.

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The customer wanted to start a business, and at the beginning, he just wanted to know about Chinese machines. He originally wanted to import the machine locally because he was worried about the machine quality and after-sales service of the Chinese machine, but after the customer had a friendly communication with our sales staff to discuss the machine, the customer was deeply attracted by our professionalism, patience and relaxed and interesting negotiation process. And customers are gradually becoming more and more familiar with the machine, helping customers discover the value of the machine, and customers are also full of expectations for their new business.

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DXTECHINDIA has given customers a lot of inspiration and made them confident in their new business and our machines. We patiently solve every problem of customers, let customers further recognize DXTECH’s machine quality and after-sales service, and feel the strong strength of our company. Our machines have US FDA certification, and CE certification, and have also passed the test of the SGS international testing agency. It is a safe and reliable product. Our perfect after-sales service and machine certificates also enhance customers’ confidence in choosing Chinese machines. Shipped to Sydney, Australia in 10 days.

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We know that customers have an urgent need for entrepreneurship, and DXTECH also knows that in today’s fierce market competition, customers are under great pressure to start a business. Therefore, we provide a series of support and provide a series of customized services according to the special needs of customers to meet the needs of customers. In the future, we will continue to provide customers with more high-quality products and services.

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Machine Features:

Substrate non-contact cleaning without damage

Regular 2000W laser cleaning machine adopts laser cleaning technology, through the high-energy irradiation of a laser beam, it can instantly volatilize the dirt, oil, oxide layer, and other substances on the surface of the workpiece so that the substrate can be cleaned in a non-contact manner without using any chemical cleaning fluid, so It will not cause any damage to the workpiece.

High cleaning precision, good position cleaning precision, selective cleaning

Regular 2000W laser cleaning machine has high cleaning precision, which can remove any stains, foreign objects, and other substances on the surface of the substrate, and can also achieve good positional cleaning precision, allowing users to perform partial cleaning more conveniently. In addition, a Regular 2000W laser cleaning machine can also realize selective cleaning, which can clean the workpiece surface differently according to the needs.

Do not use any chemical cleaning fluid, and do not consume materials, safe and environmentally friendly

Compared with the traditional chemical cleaning method, the Regular 2000W laser cleaning machine does not use any chemical cleaning fluid and does not cause any consumption of materials, so it is very safe and environmentally friendly. At the same time, no harmful waste will be produced during the laser cleaning process, and zero pollution can be achieved.

Raycus system, supports English, complete machine working buttons, more convenient and safer operation

A regular 2000W laser cleaning machine adopts the Raycus system and supports operation in an English environment. The working buttons of the machine are complete, and the operation is more convenient. In addition, the safety performance of the Raycus system is also very high, which can guarantee the safety of users during work.

The whole machine is guaranteed for 2 years. 24-hour online service. 3-7 days delivery time. We will provide instructions, operation manuals, and training videos. Lifetime technical support is available online.

Regular 2000W laser cleaning machines will enjoy a 2-year warranty service for the whole machine after purchase, and we provide 24-hour online service. The delivery time of a Regular 2000W laser cleaning machine is 3-7 days, which can meet the needs of most customers. To better operate the machine, we also provide teaching materials such as instructions, operation manuals, and training videos. At the same time, we will also provide lifetime technical support, so that users will not encounter any difficulties in daily use.

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