Precautions for cutting carbon steel with fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in industrial production, especially in carbon steel cutting with high efficiency and high precision. However, due to the high hardness of carbon steel materials, some precautions must be paid attention to when using fiber laser cutting machines to process carbon steel. The following are the precautions for fiber laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel.

Cutting carbon steel plates with a fiber laser cutting machine is a high-precision, high-tech job. Only by paying attention to various details can we ensure the smooth progress of the cutting process and obtain high-quality cutting results. DXTECHINDIA Laser has been committed to providing users with high-quality and high-efficiency fiber laser cutting machines. If you encounter any problems during use, please consult our professional technical support team.

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First, to avoid problems when cutting carbon steel, fiber optic equipment needs to be inspected and maintained frequently. For example, checking that the alignment of the optical path is correct, checking that the laser source is functioning properly and that the nozzle is not worn, etc. Because dust, greasy and metal shavings will gradually accumulate on the surface of the equipment, which will adversely affect the working efficiency and life of the equipment. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance must be carried out regularly to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Secondly, if there is a problem when cutting carbon steel, it needs to be checked from all aspects of the fiber laser cutting machine. For example, check whether the output of the fiber laser is normal, whether the light source and optical fiber transmission are faulty, whether the focus position of the adjusted beam is accurate, whether the stability of the workbench is good, whether the nozzle is damaged, and whether the machine is out of adjustment and other problems. Only when the problem is found and solved in time, can the fiber laser cutting machine work normally when cutting carbon steel.

In the end, cutting carbon steel should only be burr-free and consistent with pull wire if all cutting conditions are normal. Before application, it is necessary to carefully understand the physical and chemical properties of carbon steel, master the essentials of carbon steel cutting, adjust and control the processing parameters, and ensure that the fiber laser cutting machine cuts carbon steel stably, accurately and efficiently.

To sum up, for the precautions for fiber laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel, we must start from the aspects of routine equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and processing parameter control to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment, high work efficiency, and accurate cutting accuracy.

How many watts of fiber laser cutting machine can cut 10mm carbon steel?

A 3000W or 4000W fiber laser cutting machine is recommended. If the plate you are cutting is below 10mm, you can consider a 3000W fiber laser cutting machine. The cutting speed and cutting precision of this wattage equipment can meet the requirements. If you are cutting metal sheets of about 10mm±2mm in large quantities, then you must consider a 4000W fiber laser cutting machine.

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