P-Series Small Ultra-Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

P-Series Small Ultra-Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is a high-precision fiber laser cutting machine professionally used for the fine processing of various metal sheets. It adopts a humanized design, which can provide a better user experience, and the surrounding design is safer and meets environmental protection requirements.

The laser cutting machine is equipped with a servo motor drive, which is cost-effective. Using fiber laser as the cutting source has the characteristics of good beam mode, high efficiency, low cost, safety, stability, and easy operation. Therefore, it has become an integral part of the manufacturing industry.


  1. P-Series Small Ultra-Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is an optical fiber cutting machine with high efficiency, mechanical automatic lubrication system, stable operation, low energy consumption, stable workbench, and 20-year service life. The machine adopts high-speed digital motion control of a German technology system, which is especially suitable for high-speed and high-precision laser cutting.

  2. The mechanical automatic lubrication system can lubricate the linear guide rail nearly 500 times per minute to ensure its high precision. At the same time, the gantry structure with synchronous bilateral rack and pinion transmission is adopted, and the high-strength aluminum beam improves the stability, making the machine run more smoothly.

  3. Low energy consumption is also one of the highlights of the P-Series Small Ultra-Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. The photoelectric conversion rate is as high as 25-30%, which greatly saves energy, making the power consumption of this optical fiber cutting machine only about 20%-30% of that of traditional carbon dioxide laser cutting machines. This not only saves energy but also benefits the environment.

  4. Easy maintenance, smooth cutting surface, no burrs, saving time and effort. Moreover, the fiber laser cutting machine does not require reflectors, which greatly saves maintenance costs.



P-Series Small Ultra-Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is widely used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, subway components, automobiles, machinery, precision parts, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, gift crafts, tool processing, decorations, advertising, Metal processing, and other fields. It can finely process all kinds of metals, with a smooth cutting surface and high efficiency, perfectly presenting every detail.

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