2023 Best New Type 1000w Laser Cleaning Machine For Metal Rust Removal

New Type Laser Cleaning Machine In 2023 is a manual portable laser cleaning machine that uses a high-performance fiber laser generator. Featuring a 20W, 30W, 50W, or 100W continuous wave fiber laser generator, this laser cleaner can be used for cleaning and decontamination of a wide variety of materials. It is ideal for rust removal, paint removal, coating removal, plating, oil, stain, dirt cleaning, and mold residue removal from metal, ceramic, and stone.

The laser cleaning machine adopts laser cleaning technology, which is a non-contact and harmless cleaning method. This technique is more efficient and effective than traditional cleaning methods. The fiber laser cleaning machine can quickly and effectively remove all kinds of dirt, grease, paint, etc. on the surface of objects.

Technical Parameters

Application laser cleaning (rust, oil, grease, coating, dirt, oxide, etc.)
Laser source Fiber laser
Laser power 20/30/50/100, optional
Applicable materials Aluminum, stainless stee, carbon steel, stone, rubber, etc.
Pulse type Continuous pulse laser
Pulse width ≤20ms
Scanning width 0-120mm
Repeat frequency 20-50kHz
Voltage 380V/220V, 50Hz
Working temperature 0-40℃
Humidity ≤80%


1. Non-contact cleaning technology

Using laser beam non-contact cleaning technology, it will not damage the surface of the substrate, efficiently remove various foreign objects, oil stains, stains, and other substances, and can easily clean various materials, including plastics, ceramics, metals, etc.

2. Unlimited cleaning size and angle

This machine can clean planes, curved surfaces, and complex geometric shapes from multiple angles, perfectly covering all cleaning needs. Its cleaning size is unlimited, and it can easily clean large equipment and parts, greatly improving efficiency.

3. No need for chemical cleaning fluid

The cleaning process does not require chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, and is safe and environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional cleaning tools, it eliminates environmental, health, safety, and other problems, which is conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises.

4. Easy to use

The new type of laser cleaning machine In 2023 is easy to use, and it can be used immediately when it is powered on. It can be hand-held, and it can also cooperate with the robot to realize automatic cleaning. The cleaning process is fully automated, greatly saving labor costs.

5. Efficient and economical

The cleaning efficiency is much higher than traditional cleaning tools, thus saving a lot of time and labor costs. DXTECHINDIA’s laser cleaning machine has high cleaning efficiency, which can not only reduce the cleaning cost of enterprises but also improve business efficiency.

6. Stable

The portable laser cleaning system is stable in use and requires little care and maintenance. Adopting high-efficiency circuit control technology and high-quality components, it has passed the test of a long time and harsh environment and is an essential cleaning tool for enterprises.

7. The specialty of DXTECHINDIA

As a producer of laser cleaning machines, DXTECHINDIA has more than 10 years of experience and is more professional than other manufacturers and distributors. The product has been tested many times and certified in many countries, and it is an excellent cleaning solution. To meet the needs of customers, each washing machine of DXTECHINDIA has undergone strict quality control and testing to ensure the stable quality of products.


The New Type Laser Cleaning Machine In 2023 mainly cleans stainless steel, iron, copper, and other metal materials, and is widely used in industries such as automobiles, ships, sheet metal processing, precision components, semiconductors, and metal equipment.

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