Metal sheet tube fiber laser cutting machine 3000W 1530FL6T 160 sold at a low discount price to Russia

Thanks to our Russian customer for choosing DXTECHINDIA Laser’s Metal laser cutting machine 1530FL6T 160. In the communication before buying the machine, we learned about the specific needs of the customer, and through the interaction between the business personnel and the after-sales teacher, the customer also had a more comprehensive understanding of the machine.

During the communication process, the customer also raised some questions and difficulties, such as the cutting accuracy, cutting speed, and stability of the machine. However, through the continuous improvement and technical support of our professional team, we gave a satisfactory solution in time. In the end, customers also spoke highly of our service and professionalism.

Metal laser cutting machine 1530FL6T 160 sent to Russia1
Metal laser cutting machine 1530FL6T 160 sent to Russia2

After the customer purchases the Metal laser cutting machine 1530FL6T 160, we will always pay attention to the production of the machine and give feedback to the customer with the most sincere attitude. Although this customer is not in a hurry to use the machine, we will also produce the machine as fast as possible to ensure that it is sent to the customer as soon as possible.

As an enterprise specializing in the production of laser solutions, DXTECHINDIA Laser has always been based on customer needs, supported by product quality, a professional team, and after-sales service, to provide the most satisfactory solutions for the majority of users. At the same time, we will always repay the trust and support of our customers with a wholehearted service attitude.

DXTECHINDIA Laser will continue to uphold the concept of “Quality, Service, Innovation, Progress” to provide more customers with better products and more professional services. I believe that through our joint efforts, the future will be even better!

Brief description of the machine

Metal laser cutting machine 1530FL6T 160 sent to Russia3

Metal laser cutting machine 1530FL6T 160 is a high-performance fiber laser cutting machine specially developed for users in various industries of pipe and sheet metal processing. It has many technical advantages such as low cost, stable performance, and high configuration, making it a new choice in the field of tube sheet cutting.

Metal laser cutting machine 1530FL6T 160 has powerful cutting ability and can process various materials, such as stainless steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, gold, silver, and other metal plates. It can achieve high-precision, high-speed, high-quality cutting, which can meet the market’s demand for high-quality tube sheet cutting.

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1. Powerful cutting function: one machine with multiple functions

Metal laser cutting machine 1530FL6T 160 can meet customers’ flat plate and pipe cutting requirements at the same time, whether it is for plate or pipe cutting, this machine is competent. You no longer need to switch between different machines, saving time and cost.

2. Pneumatic chuck, push cutting: high centering accuracy, high processing accuracy

This model adopts a pneumatic chuck and push-type cutting method, which has high centering precision and processing precision, which ensures higher precision of processed products.

3. Integral profile welding structure: better rigidity and higher stability

The machine tool adopts an integral profile welding structure. Through the annealing process after welding, the internal stress is eliminated, and then the finishing process can better solve the stress caused by welding and processing, thereby improving the rigidity and stability of the equipment.

4. Aviation extruded aluminum beam: lightweight, good dynamic response

The gantry adopts aviation extruded aluminum beams, which have the advantages of lightweight and good dynamic response. It can not only greatly reduce the weight of the equipment, but also improve the dynamic response ability of the machine, ensuring the high speed and high precision of the machine.

5. Precision helical gear transmission mechanism: the cutting process is more stable

The X/Y axis adopts a precision helical gear transmission mechanism, which effectively guarantees accuracy and speed during the cutting process. This design can avoid the danger of track interference when the stroke is too short and ensures a more stable cutting process.

6. Imported laser: better stability and longer life

This model adopts an imported laser, which has better stability and longer service life. It allows users to save the trouble of frequently replacing the laser during use and greatly reduces the cost of use.

7. Excellent processing system: more convenient operation and more orderly processing

The processing system of this model has the advantages of a friendly interface and convenient operation and can provide real-time feedback on the processing status to ensure orderly processing. This makes it more convenient for you to operate the cutting machine and also allows you to better control the entire processing process and improve production efficiency.

Cutting samples

sample2 fiber laser cutting machine
sample92 fiber laser cutting machine

This Metal laser cutting machine 1530FL6T 160 is widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchen appliances, sheet metal cabinets, lighting advertisements, electrical equipment, and various metal products processing industries. Welcome enterprises in need to come to contact and negotiate, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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