Metal and non-metal dual-purpose CF series fiber laser cutting machine

Metal and non-metal dual-purpose CF series fiber laser cutting machine is an indispensable and important tool in the modern processing industry. This advanced equipment has high-efficiency and precise processing capabilities, and at the same time has wide applicability, which can achieve high-quality cutting and engraving on various metal and non-metal materials.

This model combines fiber laser source and CO2 laser tube, which can cut metal and non-metal materials at the same time. Among them, metal materials include stainless steel, carbon steel and other various metal materials, while non-metal materials include wood, acrylic, rubber and almost all classified non-metal materials.

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Machine Features:

  • Host size:1313*2525mm,1515*3030mm
  • Fiber Laser power:1kw-2kw
  • Maximum linkage speed: 140m/min
  • Maximum acceleration: 1.5G
  • Positioning accuracy: 0.03mm
  • Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.02mm

The working area of this model is 1300x2500mm (1515*3030mm can be customized), and the maximum running speed is 140 meters per minute. After careful testing with CNC milling machine and laser calibration device, this model is more accurate and stable. All parts are imported brands to ensure the working quality and effectiveness of the machine.

video overview

The versatility of the CF series fiber laser cutting machine has become one of its highlights. Even when cutting different kinds of metals and non-metals, this model can maintain high working efficiency and high-precision cutting quality. At the same time, this model has great application flexibility and can meet the needs of different industries, such as furniture, electronics, decoration and stone, etc.

In addition, the CF series fiber laser cutting machine also has the characteristics of humanized operation and high safety, which can guarantee the safety of operators. At the same time, this model is easy to operate, making it easy for beginners to master the skills of use.


Machine advantages:

Raytools fiber laser head is one of the core components of CF series fiber laser cutting machine. The fiber laser head adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology, which can work continuously and stably for a long time under high power, and has efficient and precise cutting ability. Raytools fiber laser head can be matched with various fiber laser sources, suitable for plates of different thickness and materials, widely used in automobile, machinery, metal products, building materials and other industries.

Co2 laser head is another core component of CF series fiber laser cutting machine. This laser head has powerful cutting and engraving capabilities, and is suitable for processing many non-metallic materials such as acrylic, wood, MDF, fabric, leather, paper, etc. Co2 laser head adopts advanced optical technology, which can realize high-precision and high-speed cutting and engraving, and is widely used in clothing, bags, furniture, handicrafts and other industries.

In addition to the fiber laser head and Co2 laser head, the CF series fiber laser cutting machine also adopts advanced technologies such as servo ball screw and servo drive. The servo ball screw has the advantages of small friction loss, high transmission efficiency, stable operation, high durability and high precision, which can greatly improve the machining efficiency and precision of the machine The servo drive can increase the running speed of the machine, work reliably, and require low maintenance. Ultra-low vibration and suppression of vibration at the far end of the machine make the machine more stable and reliable.

In addition, the CF series fiber laser cutting machine also adopts chiller, which is a professional chiller for fiber laser and optical lens, which can cool both at the same time, saving cost, space and manual movement, and providing users with great convenience. industrial chiller is very popular for its two temperature  control modes of constant temperature and intelligent temperature control, in the intelligent mode, the water temperature is adjusted according to the ambient temperature, customers no longer need to worry about the water temperature adjustment for seasonal changes.

In short, the emergence of CF series fiber laser cutting machines has brought new opportunities and challenges to the processing industry. This kind of equipment has become one of the necessary tools in the modern processing industry due to its high-efficiency, precise processing capability and wide applicability. It plays an important role in improving production efficiency, shortening production cycle, and reducing production costs.

sample display

Metal and non-metal dual-purpose CF series fiber laser cutting machine cuts metal materials including stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials, and non-metal materials include wood, acrylic, rubber and almost all kinds of non-metal materials.

sample31 fiber laser cutting machine
sample38 fiber laser cutting machine

high quality accessories

Sheet welding bed fiber laser cutting machine

Tu’be welding bed

Aviation aluminum beam fiber laser cutting machine

Aviation Aluminum

Laser source

Tube welding bed

High-quality carbon steel welding bed is used, which is welded by steel pipes. The bed below 4000W is generally a pipe welding bed. This low-cost bed design suitable for low-power machines can make CF series fiber laser cutting machines more economical and affordable.

Aviation Aluminum

This laser cutter also features aluminum beams welded from aerospace aluminum. In this way, not only the light weight of the equipment can be guaranteed, but also the running speed and cutting precision can be guaranteed. The design goal of the CF series fiber laser cutting machine is to perform laser cutting as quickly and accurately as possible, so it is particularly important to choose high-quality aviation aluminum materials.

Laser source

For the laser source of the CF series fiber laser cutting machine, the light generated by the optical fiber is transmitted to the laser head through the optical cable (not foldable), and then focused into a high-power-density laser beam for cutting after passing through a collimator. Here, the fiber power can be selected from 1000W, 1500W, 2000W etc. The specific power selection depends on the type of material and the cutting thickness. The standard configuration is Wuhan Raycus, which is also the most commonly used brand on the market, because its quality and service are very guaranteed.

Control System fiber laser cutting machine

Control System

Laser head

motor fiber laser cutting machine


Control System

The control system has stable performance and can process multiple file formats quickly and efficiently, including DXF, PLT, etc. without difficulty. The operating system is simple and intuitive, and a variety of cutting graphics can be imported with one key, and users can easily perform accurate cutting instructions. At the same time, the control system also has many characteristics such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, dust resistance, stability and reliability, and not easy to crash, which makes users more convenient and at ease during use.

Laser head

In addition to the control system, the metal and non-metal dual-purpose CF series fiber laser cutting machine also has excellent performance in terms of laser head. Through program setting and continuous focusing, this equipment can realize fast perforation and automatic cutting of plates of different thicknesses and materials. It can focus automatically and does not require manual adjustment by the user. In addition, the fully upgraded dust-proof design and double-layer protection increase the anti-collision function of the laser head body, making the device more durable.


In terms of engine, metal and non-metal dual-purpose CF series fiber laser cutting machine adopts Japanese Fuji servo motor. The power output of this motor is stable and strong, and Fuji Servo Motor, as a world-class motor manufacturer, enjoys a high reputation in the field of motion control, has been well received by the market and highly recognized by customers. Its application provides a solid guarantee for the robustness, precision and speed of the equipment.

Application industry

In recent years, metal and non-metal dual-purpose CF series fiber laser cutting machines have been widely used in various industries. This advanced laser cutting machine can be found in the advertising decoration industry, craft gift industry, packaging and printing industry and trademark processing industry.

In terms of advertising decoration, the CF series fiber laser cutting machine can make all kinds of badges, hanging tags, nameplates, etc., making the advertising decoration more textured and high-end. At the same time, it can engrave patterns and characters on various materials, cut various materials, such as acrylic, single-color board, double-color board, etc., to produce exquisite characters and graphics, making advertisements more eye-catching.

In the craft gift industry, the CF series fiber laser cutting machine can also play an excellent role. It can engrave all kinds of characters and graphics, and produce all kinds of bamboo slips, various pen holders, business card boxes, crystal processing and other exquisite craft gifts.

In the packaging and printing industry, CF series fiber laser cutting machines are also widely used. It can be used for rubber plate making, embossed plate making, luggage bronzing, and carton packaging plastic type mold making, providing an efficient and convenient tool for the packaging and printing industry.

In terms of trademark processing, the CF series fiber laser cutting machine is also an indispensable tool. It can complete various circuit board mark engraving, perforation and milling slots, and can also engrave ABS, PC and other material trademarks, making trademark processing more precise and efficient.

In the model making industry, the CF series fiber laser cutting machine also has unique advantages. It can make exquisite models such as sand table models, house models, architectural models, aviation and navigation models, wooden toys, etc., bringing more possibilities to the model making industry.

It can be said that the metal and non-metal dual-purpose CF series fiber laser cutting machine has become a powerful assistant in all walks of life. I believe it will continue to play an increasingly important role in the future.

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customer feedback


I have a small factory myself. Recently, the demand for processing has increased. I bought three machines at one time from DXTECHINDIA. After testing the cutting effect, the cutting effect is very good. Allen explained it to me in detail. I trust them and hope for their service. Can keep going forever.


I have been using a plasma cutter for 10 years. Recently, a customer reported that the cutting was too rough, so he decided to change to a fiber laser cutting machine. After comparing many companies, I finally chose DXTECHINDIA’s full-coverage fiber optic machine. Their sales instructions are very detailed and solved some of my problems. Hope my business will be more and more prosperous with the help of this machine!