Manual of 100W Wood Laser Cutting Machine for Woodworking and Furniture Industry

Wood laser cutting machine is a kind of laser equipment that uses a CO2 laser source to engrave and cut wood to make 2D or 3D handicrafts. It uses the CNC system to control the machine to carve and cut wood, the operation is simple, you only need a few steps to complete the production of a woodworking project. At present, it is mainly used in woodworking furniture and handicraft production.

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Although the operation of the wood laser cutting machine is very simple, there are still many things to pay attention to for laser machine beginners. This article provides you with a guide for using a laser wood-cutting machine, hoping to help you operate the machine.

Since laser cutting wood uses laser energy to melt the wood, blackening occurs during the cutting process. Under normal circumstances, cutting wood with a thickness of less than 5mm will not blacken too much. When cutting a board with a thickness of more than 5mm, improper operation will cause serious blackening. For this problem, the following methods can be used to avoid the blackening of laser-cut wood.

1. Set ideal cutting parameters

Use high speed and low power when laser cutting. It should be noted that the faster the cutting speed is not always the better, the lower the power the better. Because the faster the speed and the lower the power, the harder it will be to cut in. If the cutting is not ideal, multiple cuttings are required, and the carbonization and blackening phenomenon will be more serious. So first of all to ensure a successful cutting.

According to our cutting tests, fast speed is more important than low power. Therefore, you can try to obtain the lowest power at the fastest cutting speed, which is the ideal cutting parameter. Of course, this needs to be tested by the user according to the cutting material and the specific cutting thickness to obtain the best value.

2. Use auxiliary gas

Another important factor in avoiding the blackening of laser-cut wood is air blowing. Compressed air is introduced into the cutting gap through nozzles, which enables faster removal of dust and heat. In addition to preventing the wood from blackening, assist gas also reduces the risk of burning wood when cutting with a CO2 laser. As you gain more experience with your wood laser cutter, you’ll learn through trial and error how to use air assist for the best cutting results.

3. Adjust laser focus

You can switch the setting on the laser machine to manual and then exit the laser focus. Manually adjust the laser focus to zoom out slightly. A more diffuse laser reduces the amount of smoke produced while still providing enough power to engrave or cut your woodworking projects.

The above methods will help you get the cleanest cutting edges possible when cutting wood. In addition to taking measures during the cutting process, you can also avoid the problem of laser cutting blackening by choosing a more suitable wood. For example, softer woods with simple grain patterns tend to work better with laser cutters.

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The wood laser cutting machine adopts non-contact cutting, which can minimize cutting deformation. Moreover, the edge of the wood after laser cutting is smooth and burr-free, and does not require post-polishing, reducing labor time. Even if you end up leaving marks on the finished product when you laser-cut wood, there’s no need to worry too much. In most laser-cut wood projects, leaving brown or amber around the edges will not ruin the projects.

The ability to laser cut wood has a great relationship with laser power. DXTECHINDIA Laser has CO2 laser cutting machines with power ranging from 80W to 250W for you to choose from. You can customize different laser powers and laser-cutting table sizes to suit your wood-cutting and engraving plans.
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