Malaysian Customer Buys Three Different Metal Processing Machines

A Malaysian customer has a small metal processing factory. Due to the increase in processing demand, he decided to purchase three different types of metal processing machinery, namely fiber laser cutting machine, welding machine, and bending machine, to improve production efficiency and output.

Malaysian Customer Buys Three Different Metal Processing Machines1
Malaysian Customer Buys Three Different Metal Processing Machines5

The customer expressed satisfaction with DXTECHINDIA’s products after fully communicating with our sales staff on the functions and operations of the three machines through video. After that, the customer decided to visit the factory at DXTECHINDIA in person and asked us to show the specific performance of these machines during the production process and to test the samples.

After arriving at DXTECHINDIA, we showed customers a variety of models such as fiber laser cutting machines, welding machines, and bending machines. The customer provided a sample from his factory as a test object, we cut the sample on-site, and the cutting surface remained very smooth, which became the key factor for the customer to choose this machine. After in-depth discussion and comparison, the customer made up his mind and purchased three machines at one time.

Since the machine is delivered as a complete machine, no installation is required. Customers only need to connect the circuit, water, and air to the machine, and it can be used directly. Before shipping, our engineers will save the cutting parameters in advance. After-sales consultation is available for any questions. Our machine accessories fully comply with European CE standards, you can use them with confidence.

Brief description of the machine

sample38 fiber laser cutting machine
sample39 fiber laser cutting machine

The 1530 FB fiber laser cutting machine chosen by the customer is our best-selling model. It is mainly used to cut metal sheets. The cutting accuracy is within 0.02mm. It is very suitable for customers with a limited budget but metal processing needs. This machine is equipped with an open operating platform, which allows users to use it more easily and achieve higher cutting accuracy. In addition, it also provides convenient maintenance services and perfect after-sales protection to ensure that customers can get the best support during use. If you need a precise metal cutting machine, the 1530 FB fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice.

sample84 fiber laser cutting machine
sample86 fiber laser cutting machine

If you need to weld metal, clean welds, and cut sheet metal, then the 3-in-1 laser welding machine is ideal for you. This machine has three functions, which can be switched by exchanging the nozzles. The operating system is equipped with multiple languages, which can be selected according to your needs. Not only that, but the machine’s small size makes it easy to move and work outdoors. It is also very simple to use and can meet the needs of general users. If you need a versatile machine, consider a 3-in-1 laser welding machine.

sample22 fiber laser cutting machine
sample20 fiber laser cutting machine

A bending machine is a machine used to fold and cut sheet metal to provide excellent bending results. This machine is well-known in the industry and is widely used in sheet metal welding, electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, and other industries. The press brake is very easy to operate and can be quickly adjusted as required. At the same time, the bending effect of this machine is very good, which can meet the high requirements of customers. If you need a high-quality bending machine, you can consider this bending machine.

machine recommendation

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Three-in-One Fiber Laser Machine for Welding, Cleaning and Cutting

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Cutting Machine:

This 1530 FB fiber laser cutting machine has a stable and reliable optical system and control system, an imported fiber laser generator, and stable performance. In addition, its cast aluminum beam structure is light in weight, fast in response, good in dynamic performance, high in cutting quality, and high in cutting efficiency, with smooth cutting edges and a cutting speed of up to 120m/min. Even better, it is equipped with special cutting software and cutting technology experts, which can quickly save and recall data, with a high-precision laser cutting head, imported optical lenses, fine focus, easy adjustment, and flawless.

We’l’ding Machine:

This three-in-one welding machine is equipped with a flexible optical fiber, the length is between 5-20m, suitable for outdoor work, the operation interface is simple and intuitive, and the parameters of the whole machine can be adjusted at any time. There is also an internal preset process parameter library, which can quickly switch to different modes within 10 seconds. With a few hours of training, your welders can easily master the entire cutting process, greatly reducing labor costs.

Bending Machine:

The hydraulic bending machine has a hydraulic bending machine visual operating system, which is simple, convenient, multi-functional, and practical. If you need a hydraulic bending machine with a simple, convenient, and practical visual operating system, then this machine is your best choice. It has a compact design, takes up little space, and has a stylish and beautiful appearance. At the same time, it has a power supply safety protection design, with light curtain protection, door opening, and power-off functions, etc., making the operation safer. It is also equipped with multiple functions, such as multi-level pressure control, volume adjustment, over-rotation, etc., which make the operation more flexible and free. This kind of machine must the guarantee high efficiency and high quality in your manufacturing industry.

Applicable industry

Closeup image of a fitness equipment
Fitness equipment industry
Decoration engineering industry7 laser cutting machine
Decoration engineering industry
Kitchen industry1 laser cutting machine
Kitchen industry

These three machines are widely used, involving aerospace, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, machinery manufacturing, cabinet chassis, hardware kitchen and bathroom, household appliances, agricultural and forestry machinery, fitness equipment, door industry, advertising technology, new energy, and other fields. Make an important contribution to market manufacturing. Welcome enterprises in need to come to contact and negotiate, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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