Huge advantages of high power metal laser cutting technology

High power metal laser cutting technology is generally recognized by colleagues in the industry as the mainstream development direction of laser cutting in the future. No matter from the perspective of market competition or user application, the growth rate of high-power fiber laser technology is getting stronger year by year. Before 2016, the laser high-power cutting market was occupied by 2KW-6KW. Today, 12KW, 15KW, and 20KW have become the new darlings of the laser cutting market, and even 30KW-40KW laser cutters have also been released. High power metal laser cutting machine has become an inevitable trend of market competition and practical application by users. Why is high power metal laser cutting machine so popular? What are the advantages of high power metal laser cutting technology compared to low and medium power laser cutting?

high power metal laser cutting machine1

Advantage 1: The limit cutting thickness of the plate is increased

At present, the thickness of high power metal laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel plate can reach 80mm, and the thickness of stainless steel plate can reach 100mm. With the continuous upgrading of high power metal laser cutting technology, the thickness of cutting materials will continue to increase.

DXTECH laser 20kw fiber laser cutting machine has a cutting limit thickness of more than 70mm, and the cutting section effect is good.

sample60 fiber laser cutting machine

DXTECH 10,000W Laser Cutting Machine Cuts Samples

Compared with lower power laser machines, the improvement of cutting ability has made a qualitative leap, so that the processing range of laser cutting machines has been greatly improved.

Advantage 2: Cutting efficiency is improved

When selecting the power of laser cutting equipment, the cutting speed of different materials is a key factor to investigate. The application of fiber laser cutting has significant advantages in the processing of low and medium thickness plates. Increasing the laser power can double the cutting speed. The increase in speed has brought about an increase in the economic benefits of fiber laser cutting machines.

Take the common 20KW and 12KW as an example, compared with 6KW cutting speed:

Carbon steel (5-10mm auxiliary air, 20-40 auxiliary oxygen)
Thickness (mm) Speed (m/min)
6KW 12KW 20KW
5 7 20 28
10 2 6.5 13
20 0.3 1.4 1.6
30 / 0.5 1.2
40 / 0.3 0.95
Stainless steel (auxiliary air)
10 2 6.5 13
20 0.3 1.4 3.2
30 / 1 1.5
40 / 0.28 0.8

It can be clearly seen that for carbon steel and stainless steel of ordinary thickness, the cutting efficiency of 20KW and 12KW is obviously better than that of 6KW, and the cutting speed is increased by 50-320%. The smaller the thickness of the material, the advantage is not obvious due to excess power; the larger the thickness, the more obvious the advantage.

Advantage 3: Increase the diversity of cutting processes

In addition to the advantages of thicker cutting and faster speed, with the increase of laser power, the laser cutting process can play more tricks, such as the widely acclaimed high-speed bright surface cutting technology.

High-power high-speed bright surface cutting technology, that is, under the condition of sufficient power, small nozzle, small air pressure, high-power laser cutting carbon steel, high-speed processing of different thickness plates. Obtain smooth cutting section and small processing taper. The cutting surface is smooth, which is convenient for customers’ follow-up processing; at the same time, the taper on both sides can basically be controlled below 0.2mm, which can better meet the high-precision requirements of some processing industry customers.

To achieve fast and good carbon steel bright surface cutting, three cutting conditions must be met:

Small nozzle: double-layer nozzle, between 1.0-2.0mm;

High power: the greater the power, the greater the limit thickness of the bright surface of carbon steel that can be cut, and the efficiency will be significantly improved;

Atmospheric pressure: mostly between 0.6-1.2Bar.

In actual operation, not only need to meet these conditions, but also need professional debugging to achieve stable and consistent results.

As a very ideal processing method in cutting processing, laser cutting represents the development direction of modern metal processing technology. High power metal laser cutting machine is currently conducting research and development of key technologies in the fields of high speed, high precision, large format, and special material cutting, so as to promote the development of high power metal laser cutting technology to meet the growing market demand.

ADVANTAGE 4: Cost reduction

Compared with 12000W, 20000W has increased the cutting efficiency by 3 times, saving you more time and cost. At the same time, it also greatly reduces the processing cost. More importantly, the higher quality section effect after cutting will bring you higher products. added value. Really achieved “better, faster and more economical”!

The increase in power brings not only an increase in cutting efficiency, but also a substantial increase in processing income and more cost savings.


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