How to prolong the service life of fiber laser cutting machines?

With the continuous development of my country’s laser industry, more and more laser equipment appears in people’s life and work, and the emergence of fiber lasers makes the application of laser equipment more diversified, and fiber laser cutting machines are also used for this reason more.

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Fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the processing category of metal laser cutting machine. Because the wavelength range of fiber laser cutting machine is not within the absorption range of non-metal, the ideal cutting effect cannot be achieved. At present, the advantages of applying non-metal cutting are not very good. Obviously, there may be a trend towards this development in the future.

Since the current domestic price of fiber laser cutting machine is not very “friendly”, it is necessary to process and maintain the machine frequently during the use process, so as to prolong the service life of the machine and improve the working efficiency of the equipment.

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First of all, the steel belt must be checked frequently. The steel belt plays a very important transmission role in the operation of the single-drive fiber laser cutting machine, and the steel belt must be tightened when the equipment is running. Otherwise, once something goes wrong during operation, there is a high possibility that it will hurt people, and even cause death in serious cases.

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Since the fiber laser cutting machine will directly vaporize the metal surface during cutting, a lot of dust will often be generated on the surface and inside of the cutting machine. We should often use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust, so as to ensure the zero inside the machine. The parts are spotless, better maintaining the normal operation of the parts.

It is also necessary to lubricate the racks, guide rails and many parts of the cutting machine from time to time, so as to stabilize the accuracy of the meshing of the gears during operation. The operation of the machine is always in the normal running track, and the precision of the cut products is of course higher.
At the same time, some minor issues need to be paid attention to:
1. Minimize the number of times the laser is turned on and off.
2. In the case that the cutting requirements can be met, the power used should be reduced as much as possible.
3. Turn off the laser during non-working hours.
4. Try to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the workplace meet the requirements for equipment use. Use an industrial circulating constant temperature water tank.
5. Keep the lens clean and free from dust and dirt. To avoid loss of laser energy.