How to install and operate a handheld 1kw 2kw 3kw fiber laser welding machine?

In traditional industrial manufacturing, many processes require welding, and the quality of welding plays a decisive role in the quality and service life of products. Therefore, accurate, efficient, and stable welding processes are very important for various industries. important. Now, the emergence of fiber laser welding machines has brought a more convenient and accurate welding method to these fields. It replaces the traditional welding process with laser spot welding, thereby achieving further improvement in welding accuracy and welding speed.

This video shows the detailed installation tutorial of the DXTECHINDIA handheld laser welding machine, including a series of key steps such as installing casters, adding a laser head, installing optical fiber and cables, and connecting the water cooler. In addition, the video also answers some common questions about welding machines, such as the selection of optical fibers, installation location requirements, use of water coolers, etc., making the detailed information provided to customers more comprehensive and accurate.

Convenient operation and high-cost performance——DXTECH Handheld Laser Welding Machine

The operation of the DXTECH handheld laser welding machine is very simple, not only can it be completed by manual operation, but also can automatically identify the welding position through the optical system, to achieve fast and accurate welding. In addition, this model also has a high-cost performance. Compared with the traditional welding process, the price is more affordable and can better meet the needs of enterprises in cost management.

Dispel doubts and learn more about laser-cutting machines

If you have doubts about choosing a handheld laser welding machine, you may wish to watch this video, I believe you will find your answer. In addition, if you need more information about laser cutting machines, you can contact us through inquiry or online contact at any time, and we will provide you with more information and assistance.