How to choose the power of fiber laser cutting machine?

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There are two factors to consider when purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine. First, the power of the equipment can meet your cutting needs; second, whether the price meets your budget. The power of the laser cutting machine is one of the core parameters of the equipment, as long as it can meet the demand, there is no need to blindly pursue high power.

The material cut by the fiber laser cutting machine is metal, and the main types are stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum plate, brass, etc. The higher the power of the equipment, the thicker the cutting thickness. The power mainly depends on the laser. In the market, 6000W and above are generally called high power, power between 3000W-6000W is called medium power, and power below 3000W is called low power.

When cutting thin metal, low-power equipment is enough, such as 3mm stainless steel plate, using 3000W power equipment for air cutting, not only the cutting speed is fast, but the cutting quality is also very fine, which saves costs and has no accuracy. fall. Therefore, when purchasing a laser cutting machine, you must make a reasonable choice according to your own material, material thickness, etc., and do not blindly pursue high power.

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Diversified products meet the various needs of different users for fiber laser cutting machines. Customers in hardware, kitchen and bathroom industries are mainly suitable for small fiber laser cutting machines; customers in advertising, sheet metal and chassis industries generally choose medium-power fiber laser cutting machines; customers in aviation, aerospace, rail transit, automobiles and other industries must Choose a high power fiber laser cutting machine. In general, how much power to choose a fiber laser cutting machine depends on the customer’s cutting needs.