How to choose the laser cutting machine that suits you?

How to buy a laser cutting machine that suits you? Today, DXTECH will tell you.

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The first point: First of all, you must consider your own business scope, whether you want to produce a small amount or receive orders in large quantities, and you must consider factors such as the materials that are often cut, the thickness of the material, and which materials need to be cut.

The second point: Common laser cutting machines are divided into plate cutting, pipe cutting, and plate and tube integrated cutting. The model is determined according to the processing needs. The power of the laser cutting machine is different, and the cutting power depends on the cutting material, cutting thickness, etc.;

The third point: laser cutting machine configuration, especially some core accessories of laser cutting machine equipment: laser, laser head, servo motor, guide rail, cooling cabinet, bed, etc., which affect the cutting accuracy of the machine to a certain extent .

The fourth point: after-sales service issues, laser cutting machines will inevitably encounter problems during use. It is especially important for manufacturers to provide solutions in a timely manner. This is also an important factor that users need to consider when purchasing a laser cutting machine.

If you think choosing a laser cutting machine is a better solution to your current problems, please contact one of our laser experts to discuss feasibility and obtain a free quote for your application.