How to choose auxiliary gas for laser cutting machine?

Anyone who has used a laser cutting machine knows that the laser cutting machine must add an auxiliary cutting gas that is relatively suitable for the material to be cut during the cutting process, because the coaxial auxiliary gas can blow away the cutting process first. The slag in the middle slit can cool the surface of the processed material to avoid a large range of heat influence, and then cool the focusing lens of the cutting machine to prevent some pollutants from entering the lens seat to contaminate the lens and cause the lens to be overheated and damaged. Therefore, the selection of the type of auxiliary gas will directly affect the performance of the laser cutting machine, including but not limited to, cutting speed, cutting thickness, and a series of issues.

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The characteristics, uses and scope of application of different auxiliary gases are as follows:

(1) Oxygen cutting can play a combustion-supporting effect. During the cutting process, the reaction heat of oxygen can greatly improve the cutting efficiency. The oxide film produced will increase the beam spectral absorption index of the reflective material, so that the laser energy can be used more effectively and accelerate The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is mainly suitable for thick plate cutting, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy metal, etc.

(2) Nitrogen   When some metals are cut with nitrogen, an oxide film will be formed on the cutting surface, but the use of nitrogen can avoid the appearance of oxide film and perform non-oxidative cutting. The non-oxidized cutting surface has the characteristics of direct welding and coating, and strong corrosion resistance. The end face of the incision is whitish. The main applicable plates are stainless steel, electroplated steel plate, brass, aluminum and aluminum alloy, etc.

(3) Air is a mixed gas containing nitrogen, oxygen and other gases. The collection method is relatively simple. It is compressed into an air storage tank by an air compressor, and can be extracted after filtering, cooling and drying. The cost required is less . It is mainly used in the processing of metal sheets, relying on the energy of the laser to melt the metal workpiece, using high pressure to blow away the melt, and using air to assist in cutting the workpiece section will produce oxidation reactions to form metal oxides. It is mainly suitable for cutting metal materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, brass, and electroplated steel plate.

(4) Argon   Argon is an inert gas, which is used to prevent oxidation and nitriding in laser cutting machine cutting, and can also be used in welding. Compared with other processing gases, the price is higher, which will increase the cost accordingly. The end face of the incision is whitish. The main applicable materials are titanium and titanium alloys.

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