High-precision small metal laser cutting machine for metal thin sheet industry processing

DX-9090Q high-precision small metal laser cutting machine is an industry-specific laser equipment with the characteristics of high single-machine processing efficiency, no dust, no stress, no burrs, smooth and neat cutting edges, etc. It can be applied to metal thin sheet processing.

machine appearance

Small Sealed Sheet Laser Cutting Machine2 dxtechindia
Small Sealed Sheet Laser Cutting Machine4 dxtechindia

DX-9090Q is a high-precision fiber laser cutting machine with international standards tailored by DXTECHINDIA Laser for the needs of the small and medium power laser cutting market. DX-9090Q series products are the first choice for processing thin metal plates and have fixed plate fixtures. This series of cutting machines has high cutting efficiency, beautiful cutting seams, low operating costs, and powerful operating software. It is currently the most widely used by DXTECHINIDA One of the solutions for sheet metal laser cutting machines.

machine performance

Working Area 905×905mm,1305×905mm,


Laser Output Power 1000W-3000W
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Max Speed 140m/min
Maximum acceleration 1.2G
Servo motor Fuji
Electrical components Schneider
Reducer SHIMPO
  1. Laser non-contact processing has no tool costs, saves costs, and can reduce scratches and wear on the material surface.
  2. The laser processing is fine, the kerf is small, and it can be used for precision processing with a precision platform.
  3. The cutting surface is smooth, one-time molding, with no need for repeated processing.
  4. High-end configuration, superior equipment performance, leading technology, the flagship model of metal sheet cutting equipment.
  5. Special laser, good cutting section, fast cutting speed.
  6. High-precision visual positioning system is adopted, and the positioning accuracy is high.

sample display

High-precision small metal laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, precision parts, metal sheet industries, etc.

sample139 fiber laser cutting machine

Solar panels/solar cells

sample140 fiber laser cutting machine

Communication/Network/Storage Equipment

sample141 fiber laser cutting machine

Automotive Electronics/Aerospace Electronics