High-precision 0.01mm CO2 Laser Cutting Machine In Paper Products Industry

Cutting paper and cardboard with a laser is a process often used in creative design for arts and crafts, school supplies, and paper finishing, as well as in the advertising industry and the packaging industry, due to the high degree of flexibility in the production process for custom and detailed designs.

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is a new type of processing equipment developed by the paper product industry. With its unique design and high-performance configuration, it greatly improves work efficiency. It has become an indispensable piece of equipment in the paper product industry and gradually occupies the paper product processing market. Compared with traditional handwork, the speed has been greatly improved. One person can operate multiple devices to reduce labor costs, save the cost of secondary mold opening, and use one investment for life. Design patterns can be arbitrary, without graphic restrictions and one-time molding does not need to be completed. Secondary processing.

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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is a high-tech product that integrates laser technology, optical technology, precision machinery, electronic technology, computer software technology, and refrigeration. Different from traditional contact machining, laser processing adopts a non-contact form, using the instantaneous high light energy of the laser to vaporize the tissue on the surface of the processed material or part of the position of the burned material through chemical-physical action to achieve the purpose of engraving a permanent mark on the surface of the material.

Any type of material can be directly processed with CO2 Laser Cutting Machine from DXTECHINDIA LASER. Compared to common methods such as punching, the process of laser cutting paper and cardboard is non-contact, so there is no material loss. In addition, the material does not need to be fixed, which provides additional protection for the material. However, it is recommended that you purchase a vacuum table so that uneven materials can lie flat on the table during processing.

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The DXTECHINDIA CO2 Laser Cutting Machine cuts fine cuts and the finest patterns better than any other method. For precise results, all the space you need to realize your ideas! Create your design in your favorite graphics program and send it to the DXTECHINDIA CO2 Laser Cutting Machine via print order for immediate prototyping or mass production.

No contact, no fixing, no pinching of the cutting edge

No tool wear, always high quality

The lower laser output is required for cardboard and paper

Freely definable contours

Laser Cutting Intricate Patterns

High economic benefit

The process of laser cutting paper and cardboard offers many creative options for customizing, personalizing, or refining stationery. Whether unusual Christmas or greeting cards, personal business cards, or beautiful laser-cut packaging – the DXTECHINDIA CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is ideal for cutting and engraving paper, cardboard, and cardboard. Even the smallest details can be generated quickly and easily. The touchless process is gentle on delicate materials. Benefit from convincing results from the DXTECHINDIA CO2 Laser Cutting Machine!

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Laser cutting paper and cardboard have the following applications in paper processing: special announcements such as wedding announcements, birth announcements, and death announcements, business cards, various cards such as invitations, greeting cards, and business cards, creation examples, special packaging, model construction, office supplies, in fab labs and unis, seals and seals, general custom range of stationery, etc.

By laser cutting paper and cardboard, products can be transformed into visually appealing individual parts. Depending on your requirements or wishes, the process can be applied to a wide variety of materials: natural paper, cardboard, corrugated board, fine and handmade paper, cardboard, drawing paper, and paper for technical applications such as insulating paper, etc.

The DXTECHINDIA Laser CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is the ideal cutting tool because of its high precision and is particularly gentle on all materials, making it especially suitable for delicate contours and a wide range of personalization options. Create special shapes, give your products attractive engravings, and give them a personal touch.
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