Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

Handheld laser cleaning machine uses high-energy laser to achieve the cleaning effect, so compared with traditional rust removal or cleaning methods (chemical pickling, sandblasting cleaning, dry ice cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.), in addition to more uniform and faster cleaning speed, it is more reliable Through laser control, the required cleaning range can be precisely controlled. In addition, laser rust removal is a non-contact processing method, so there is almost no damage to the substrate. There is no need for consumables such as chemical detergent, dry ice, and cleaning jets during the rust removal or cleaning process. In addition to no pollution to the earth’s environment, it also saves the cost of consumables.

Handheld laser cleaning machine have a wide range of cleaning applications. It has the advantages of high safety, simple and convenient operation, and high cleaning efficiency. It can effectively remove resin, oil, stains, dirt, rust, coating, plating, paint and other stains on the surface of objects.


  1. The machine is equipped with a strap buckle, and the strap can be carried on the shoulder, freeing your hands.
  2. Hand-held cleaning head, easy to use
  3. Provide a variety of modes and parameter settings to ensure that customers can meet the cleaning needs of different workpieces and angles
  4. Small footprint, easy to move and transport
  5. Simple operation, simple training to work, saving costs
  6. No pollution to the environment, safe and reliable, no harm to the health of operators

Technical Parameters

Application laser cleaning (rust, oil, grease, coating, dirt, oxide, etc.)
Laser source Fiber laser
Laser power 20/30/50/100, optional
Applicable materials Aluminum, stainless stee, carbon steel, stone, rubber, etc.
Pulse type Continuous pulse laser
Pulse width ≤20ms
Scanning width 0-120mm
Repeat frequency 20-50kHz
Voltage 380V/220V, 50Hz
Working temperature 0-40℃
Humidity ≤80%


Handheld laser cleaning machine mainly cleans stainless steel, iron, copper and other metal materials, and is widely used in industries such as automobiles, ships, sheet metal processing, precision components, semiconductors, and metal equipment.

sample56 fiber laser cutting machine
sample57 fiber laser cutting machine

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