Handheld “4 in 1” Fiber Laser Welding Machine

DXTECH handheld “4 in 1” fiber laser welding machine is based on three-in-one, adding the function of welding seam cleaning. It can realize the functions of cutting + welding + cleaning, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes to meet various application scenarios.

  • Using precision sheet metal cabinet structure, stable operation and high stability
  • The precision cooling water tank is used to ensure the constant temperature effect of the whole machine
  • The welding speed is fast, and the effect of full welding material is good
  • Hand-held welding head, flexible direction, can weld at any angle
  • Long service life, stable power output, can work for a long time


“4 in 1” fiber laser welding machine Technical Parameters

Machine power 1000w / 1500w / 2000w / 3000w
laser type continuous
Laser source Fiber laser
Cleaning width 10-200mm
Laser wavelength 1080±5nm
Pulse Width 0.05-0.6
Out power Stability <2%
Weld thickness 2-2.5mm/2-2.5mm/3-4mm/5-6mm
Power Consumption 7KW / 8.2KW / 9.8KW / 13.9KW
Fiber optical length 10m
Model Regular / mini
Machine size 700*1500*1300mm / 1500*750*850mm
machine weight 240KGS / 160KGS


DXTECH handheld “4 in 1” fiber laser welding machine can be applied to aluminum alloy, carbon steel, fine copper, dissimilar metals, highly reflective materials and other metal thick and thin materials, rust removal paint and other needs; covering sheet metal , bathroom, automobile, lithium battery, 3C, medical, petrochemical and other industries. Really achieve one machine with multiple functions, one machine with multiple functions.

sample29 fiber laser cutting machine
sample24 fiber laser cutting machine
sample25 fiber laser cutting machine
sample26 fiber laser cutting machine
sample28 fiber laser cutting machine

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