Fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with large table

This fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table can be directly used for various coil materials, and the production line can automatically and continuously cut various workpieces, which greatly improves productivity and production efficiency. Before the improvement, it was operated by multiple people, now only one person can do all the operations.

Fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table, uncoiling-+levelling+cutting→cutting, the whole process is automatically designed, and the cutting is fed synchronously, which not only ensures the surface quality, but also ensures the cutting speed, saves labor, and improves The utilization efficiency of the board is improved. It can cut a variety of metal plates, mainly used for the rapid cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, various alloy sheets, rare gold, and other materials.

Fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table production process After the coil is uncoiled and leveled, the feeder sends it to the top of the laser cutting machine rotary table for cutting. With the movement of the worktable, the process of feeding and cutting can be realized, which can effectively shorten the cutting time of parts, improve the use efficiency of equipment, continuous cutting production, and high utilization rate of the equipment.

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SC Fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with large table

Machine Features:

Working Area 1515×3030mm,1515×4040mm,



Laser Output Power 1000W-3000W
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Max Speed 100m/min
Maximum acceleration 1.5G
Servo motor Fuji
Electrical components Schneider
Reducer SHIMPO

work process

The production process of a fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table begins with the unwinding and leveling of the coil material. The purpose of this link is to eliminate the internal stress of the material and avoid the impact on subsequent processing. After being leveled, the coil is conveyed by the feeder and directly sent to the rotary table of the cutting machine. With the movement of the table, the laser cutting head always moves three-dimensionally above the table along the required cutting path, while feeding Edge cutting for fast and efficient production.

Machine advantages:

The working platform of the Fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table can roll back and forth, and the tail is equipped with a leveling feeder. It is very suitable for customers with coil processing needs.

Efficient automatic production: continuous cutting without stopping, and strong production capacity help high production

Fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table realizes the full-automatic operation of the whole process. It consists of a feeding trolley, an uncoiler, a leveling machine, a servo feeder, a laser cutting device, a cutting platform, and a palletizing device. The machine is equipped with high-speed dynamic online cutting technology, which can produce 24 hours without interruption. Compared with manual operation, it can increase production capacity more efficiently and reduce labor costs.

Non-destructive operation: reduce loss and quality assurance

The fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table is equipped with the follow-up light slit technology, which can avoid damage to the surface of the material caused by residual force when cutting the material, and achieve non-destructive operation. After using the follow-up optical slit technology, the laser head will not damage the surface of the material due to the forced application of measurement force when switching the cutting position. This not only guarantees the quality of the finished product but also reduces material loss during the manufacturing process.

Dual Robot Palletizing: Higher Efficiency

A fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table adopts dual-robot palletizing technology, which can realize non-contact automatic loading and unloading, and can effectively save the time and cost of manual operation and increase the cutting speed. The palletizing effect is better, which can make the materials neat and orderly, save the follow-up process time, and improve the overall production efficiency.

Flexible Processing: Wider Adaptation

Fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table supports 2020×6050mm format processing, meeting the processing requirements of large materials. In addition, the large workbench coil laser cutting machine can also process various materials such as aluminum alloy and high-strength steel in batches. The flexible processing method makes it more adaptable and more in line with the changing market requirements.

As an important piece of equipment in the automatic production of enterprises, the advantage of a fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table is that it can realize the full-automatic operation of the whole process, continuous cutting without stopping, reduce loss, increase production capacity, and adapt to wider material processing, etc. These advantages make enterprises more efficient, accurate, and stable in the production process, help enterprises accelerate the improvement of technology and efficiency, and realize the rapid transformation of intelligent manufacturing mode.

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Fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with large table can quickly cut stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, brass, and other metal sheet coils. Widely used in pipes, air ducts, sheet metal processing, chassis cabinets, security doors, and other industries.

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high quality accessories

Tube welding bed

The Sheet Welded Bed

The groove welding process is adopted to realize equal-strength welding between steel plates without tearing the weld seam, which is an important part of the design of the plate welding bed. At the same time, stress relief annealing is carried out on the basis of its own weight. This can ensure that the bed is not easily deformed and more stable.

Aviation Aluminum Gantry

The performance is very stable, and it can stably withstand the forces in various complex environments. Secondly, the strength is very high, and it is not easy to deform, and can withstand pressure, tension and bending for a long time. The aviation aluminum mast also has high-speed characteristics. Compared with other materials, aviation aluminum has better toughness, lighter weight, higher corrosion resistance, better oxidation resistance and lower density.

Aviation Aluminum

Laser head

Through program setting and continuous focusing, fast perforation and automatic cutting of plates with different thicknesses and materials can be realized. It can focus automatically and does not require manual adjustment by the user. In addition, the fully upgraded dust-proof design and double-layer protection increase the anti-collision function of the laser head body, making the device more durable.

Application industry

Fully-enclosed coil laser cutting machine with a large table is widely used in rail transit, automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, electrical appliances, grain machinery, textile machinery, tool processing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, kitchen utensils and bathrooms, decoration factory reports, laser processing services, and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.

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CNC laser machine cutting sheet metal with light spark. Technology plasma industrial, Blue steel color
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I have a small factory myself. Recently, the demand for processing has increased. I bought three machines at one time from DXTECHINDIA. After testing the cutting effect, the cutting effect is very good. Allen explained it to me in detail. I trust them and hope for their service. Can keep going forever.


I have been using a plasma cutter for 10 years. Recently, a customer reported that the cutting was too rough, so he decided to change to a fiber laser cutting machine. After comparing many companies, I finally chose DXTECHINDIA’s full-coverage fiber optic machine. Their sales instructions are very detailed and solved some of my problems. Hope my business will be more and more prosperous with the help of this machine!