DXTECHINDIA Service: The first stop of the customer visit series – Italy

On March 19, 2023, DXTECHINDIA’s service plan will be upgraded again. This time, we chose Italy as the first stop of our visit. As members of this trip have our technicians and after-sales personnel. Therefore, we can provide customers with various offline services in an all-around way.

In previous exchanges, we learned that customers will face many various operation and maintenance problems when operating and maintaining DXTECHINDIA laser machines. Such as the operation and processing problems of CNC software, operating system, machine tool accessories, etc., as well as the daily operation and maintenance of machine tools. To this end, we have prepared special solutions before departure, hoping to help customers solve various problems and make their production smoother.

Our visit this time is mainly to solve difficult problems of customers. We plan to provide customers with detailed operation guidance during the process of operating the laser machine, including the use of software and hardware, machine processing procedures, and troubleshooting skills. Through hands-on teaching, customers will be more familiar with operating the machine so that they can be faster Put machines into production and commercial activities efficiently.

The first stop of the customer visit series – Italy2
The first stop of the customer visit series – Italy3

We never just provide machines or products for customers. During the warranty period, we will track the customer’s usage and provide perfect after-sales service. It can be said that we provide customers with “one-stop service”, not just the sale of machines. We provide customers with a full range of services, including machine installation guidance, free training, personalized customization services, special solutions, on-site support, etc. With our professional attitude and high-quality services, customers can use DXTECHINDIA laser machines more smoothly. Help them achieve their business goals.

To show the importance we attach to this customer visit, we have done a lot of preparatory work before departure:

Document preparation: Demonstrate our professional quality

Before preparing to communicate with customers, we need to collect information such as company introductions, product brochures, samples, price lists, and gifts for reference, to better showcase our products and services to customers.

Image Preparation: Embodying a Professional Image

In addition to preparing materials, business personnel need to pay attention to their professional image and always maintain a positive attitude. In communicating with clients, we need to express ourselves clearly and be flexible to demonstrate our professionalism and integrity.

Research preparation: a comprehensive understanding of customer needs

When communicating with Italian customers, we need to communicate comprehensively, understand customer needs and problems to be solved, and grasp the customer’s upgrade plan, so as to solutions that better meet customer needs and enhance our competitiveness and service level.

The first stop of the customer visit series – Italy4

We are a laser equipment supplier. Different from our peers, we use a combination of online and offline methods to provide customers with more timely, efficient, and one-to-one customized solution services. Our service tenet includes “focus, sincerity, kindness, and care”, so we have provided services to more than 3,000 well-known companies around the world, and won wide acclaim and a high reputation from customers.

Every client has its characteristics, problems, and needs, and even those clients we have worked with many times will have different needs and business ideas at different stages. Therefore, our service team will respond to customers’ needs the first time and provide personalized customized services. Only by finding out the right medicine can we solve the customer’s problem.

During this trip to Italy, we will always follow the service tenet of “focus, sincerity, kindness, and care” to serve customers better. In addition to Italy, we will also visit customers in Germany, France, Belgium, Serbia, and other countries where we often cooperate. If customers have any questions or need face-to-face communication, please feel free to contact us.