DXTECHINDIA Service: Italian customer factory site visit

It has been ten days since our technicians arrived in Italy. After arriving in Italy for a short rest, technicians visited Italian customers with gifts. Everyone was very happy, and after a brief self-introduction, they made a detailed plan.

DXTECHINDIA is a company specializing in the field of mechanical equipment and automation control, with rich experience and technical strength. Our staff briefly introduced our company and let them fully understand the strength of DXTEXH. In communicating with customers, we care about their interests and answer their questions. The purpose of this visit is to better understand the needs of customers, understand their current production status and difficulties, provide better solutions, and establish a more stable business cooperation relationship.

In addition, during these ten days, our staff also entered the customer’s factory, actually checked the operation of the machine, and put forward some opinions. Through on-site inspections, we fully understood the needs and problems faced by Italian customers and provided professional solutions. During this on-site inspection, we not only provided guarantees to customers but also provided many practical opportunities for the improvement of the company’s technical level and service quality.

DXTECHINDIA Service On-site visit to Italian customer factory1

In general, this site visit to the Italian customer’s factory is a good opportunity for us to better understand the needs of customers, provide better services, and establish a more stable business cooperation relationship. Thanks to Italian customers for their trust and support, we will continue to work hard to create a better service experience. The following is our personnel’s summary of this investigation.

Purpose of visit:

The purpose of visiting a factory is to contemplate what we see. During the inspection, the customer showed us the steps of using the machine and the preliminary cutting operation. At the same time, we told the customer how to use the latest automation equipment to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

During the inspection process, our technicians will correct the deviation in time through the test results. Through face-to-face communication, we provide customers with the best solutions. For customers’ doubts and questions, we provide detailed answers and suggestions.

DXTECHINDIA Service On-site visit to Italian customer factory4
DXTECHINDIA Service On-site visit to Italian customer factory5

Visit content:

  1. Check whether the production process is standardized. It mainly depends on whether the factory adopts a lean layout and eliminates waste through problem visualization. Whether it is possible to design a good production process from the source to ensure efficient and precise production. This layout minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency.
  2. Checked whether the production environment is safe. When using a laser cutting machine, the working environment directly affects the processing efficiency. Does the factory pay great attention to ensuring that the temperature of the working environment is suitable and there is no influence of static magnetic fields? This helps to avoid the interference of environmental factors on the laser light path, thus ensuring the accuracy and quality of the product.
  3. Checked whether the cutting quality is acceptable. Whether the factory has optimized the parameters and configuration of the laser cutting machine, and whether it can obtain better quality and precision in processing. Whether the operator can process high-quality workpieces through laser cutting machines.
DXTECHINDIA Service On-site visit to Italian customer factory2
DXTECHINDIA Service On-site visit to Italian customer factory9

DXTECHINDIA provides excellent customer service to its customers. No matter where you are, a phone call or an email, we will reply and help you within 24 hours. If you still need on-site assistance from our technicians, please leave your contact information. We will arrange for technicians to serve you in time. We always put customer satisfaction first, and do our best to solve various laser service problems for customers.