DX-11NC-6*3200 Sheet Metal Plate Cutting Shears

DX-11NC-6*3200 Sheet Metal Plate Cutting Shears are a kind of shearing equipment widely used in various metal materials. It can be directly cut according to different needs and is mainly suitable for industries such as steel manufacturing, shipbuilding, automobile, container manufacturing, switch electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing, and light industry.

This kind of shearing machine adopts circular arc movement mode, stable feeding, and high precision. The body of the tool holder is arc-shaped, and the tip of the arc is used to ensure the straightness of the sheared material, thereby ensuring the accuracy and straightness of cutting. It can cut metal with relatively thin thickness and save costs, thereby reducing the production cost of finished products. In addition, the equipment has high cutting precision, fast speed, a smooth cutting surface, and no burr, which makes the finished product more beautiful and strong.


  1. The fuselage adopts a steel plate welding structure, which greatly improves the mechanical strength and rigidity
  2. The fuselage structure adopts a comprehensive treatment method of vibration aging and heat treatment, which helps to eliminate internal stress
  3. UG (finite element) technology and computer-aided optimization design are adopted to achieve efficient, accurate, and low-consumption design effects.
  4. The appearance design is streamlined, the shape is simple, and the appearance is elegant; the working surface is equipped with an auxiliary knife seat, which is convenient for fine-tuning the shearing blade, and is suitable for steel plates of different shapes or materials.
  5. The frame of the whole machine is treated with high-efficiency sandblasting and coated with anti-rust paint, which effectively prolongs the service life of the machine.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Parameter
1 Power supply AC380V 3PH, 50Hz±2%
2 Power supply stability ±10%
3 Install the laser ambient temperature -5℃~+40℃
4 Install the laser ambient humidity less than 70%
5 Max cutting width 3200mm
6 Blade length 3300mm
7 Backgauge distance 15mm-500mm
8 Main motor power 7.5kw
9 Weight 6000kg

Operation Guide


  1. Adjust the blade clearance according to the thickness of the material being cut.
  2. Adjust profiles or clamps to the width of the material being cut.
  3. Do 1-3 empty strokes before the machine tool is running, and the cutting work can only be carried out after it is normal.


1. If you find that the machine is not operating normally during use, you should immediately cut off the power and stop for inspection.

2. When adjusting the machine tool, the power must be cut off. When moving workpieces, pay attention to hand safety.

3. The use of DX-11NC-6*3200 Sheet Metal Plate Cutting Shears requires certain care and maintenance to maintain the stability and long-term use of the equipment. Regularly clean the inside and outside of the equipment, apply lubricating oil, check whether all parts of the equipment are normal, and avoid equipment damage. At the same time, operators must undergo professional training, abide by equipment operating specifications, and pay attention to safety when using the equipment.

Working environment and conditions of use:

This machine is suitable for any material preparation workshop, and its conditions are:

Ambient temperature: -10~+40℃ (the temperature of the fuel tank shall not be lower than +10℃)
Relative humidity: ≤80% (+25℃)
Power source: 3phase 380V±10% 50Hz(or customized)
This machine has no “three wastes” discharged, and the noise limit meets the requirements of JB9969-1999.

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