Automatic Loading and Unloading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medium and Thin Sheet

This type of automatic loading and unloading fiber laser cutting machine for medium and thin plates adopts a fully automatic loading and unloading system without manual intervention, which effectively improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity and safety hazards for workers. This machine uses manipulators to complete the automatic loading and unloading of plates, and the operation is simple and efficient.

Compared with other cutting machines, this automatic loading and unloading machine is specially designed for medium and thin plates, which can easily meet the cutting needs of 0.5mm-16mm thick materials. Whether it is metal or non-metallic materials, it can be easily handled. Therefore, if you need to process thin or medium-thick sheet metal, this automatic loader is ideal for you.

During the cutting process of different materials, the thickness of the material may be uneven. Through height recognition and real-time detection of finished material thickness, the cutting machine can intelligently adjust the working logically to ensure better production results. Moreover, all these operations are done automatically, ensuring a high degree of precision and stability.

machine appearance

EA Automatic Feeding Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Platform2 dxtechindia

EA-Automatic Loading and Unloading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medium and Thin Sheet

Machine Features:

Working Area 3030×1515mm,4040×2020mm,


Laser Output Power 1000W-4000W
Min. Thickness of Sheet Loaded 1mm
Max. Thickness of Sheet Loaded 5mm
Max Speed 150m/min
Maximum acceleration 1.5G
Max. Weight of Sheet Loaded 400kg
Focusing method Auto/manual
Electrical components Schneider

Machine Features

Because the machine adopts high-speed fiber laser cutting technology, the processing speed is very fast, which can greatly improve production efficiency. Moreover, this kind of cutting machine has high flexibility, can adapt to various complex processing requirements, and is relatively simple to operate.

Automatic Loading and Unloading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medium and Thin Sheet strengthens quality management from material blanking, deburring, deformation reduction, and other links, optimizes and improves these links, and escorts the processing process. Moreover, relying on high-precision laser cutting technology, its cutting precision is very high, and can reach the level of several microns, which can fully meet various complex cutting requirements.

Automatic Loading and Unloading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medium and Thin Sheet adopts a non-contact processing method, without contact milling, avoiding dust and waste in the air, high material utilization rate, and environmental protection. Its products are widely used in various metal products, sheet metal cutting processing, engineering machinery, machine tools, and other industries.

Machine advantages:

1.”Lightweight Design”: Reduced transport costs and installation time

Automatic Loading and Unloading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medium and Thin Sheet adopts an overall lightweight design and split modular design, which greatly reduces installation time and transportation costs. At the same time, to adapt to the changing needs of the production line, the modular design of the platform also greatly improves the reliability and ease of maintenance of the equipment.

2.”Save storage space”: compact vertical design

Due to the compact vertical design, the workshop space occupied by the Automatic Loading and Unloading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medium and Thin Sheet is very small, especially the vertical design of the bottom layer is used for material pallets, and the top layer is used for stacking finished products, which makes the vertical layers of the equipment compact and greatly The storage space of the production line is saved.

3.”Easy access to materials”: Commonly used materials are stored directly next to the machine

To manage materials more conveniently, Automatic Loading and Unloading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medium and Thin Sheet has designed a material inventory management system. Commonly used raw materials can be stored directly next to the machine and taken at any time. This design greatly saves the operator’s time and labor costs.

4.”Efficient processing”: automatic loading and unloading of exchange tables

Automatic Loading and Unloading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medium and Thin Sheet adopts the design of automatic loading and unloading switching sheet, which can not only significantly improve the utilization rate of the whole system, but also reduce the labor intensity of the operator. This design greatly improves the efficiency and production capacity of the equipment.

5.”Unattended”: flexible and easy to operate

Since the platform is operator-free, it can operate within 24 hours. In addition, the operation of the equipment is very simple and flexible. Forklifts can easily put raw materials into the storage system or take out processed plates from the stack. At the same time, it supports automatic loading and unloading and can support plates of various sizes up to 25mm thick. The flexibility and automation level of this design can not only greatly improve the efficiency of equipment use, but also greatly reduce labor costs.

sample display

Automatic Loading and Unloading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medium and Thin Sheet can quickly cut stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, brass, and other metal sheet coils. Widely used in pipes, air ducts, sheet metal processing, chassis cabinets, security doors, and other industries.

sample50 fiber laser cutting machine
sample55 fiber laser cutting machine
sample51 fiber laser cutting machine

high quality accessories

Tube welding bed

The Sheet Welded Bed

The groove welding process is adopted to realize equal-strength welding between steel plates without tearing the weld seam, which is an important part of the design of the plate welding bed. At the same time, stress relief annealing is carried out on the basis of its own weight. This can ensure that the bed is not easily deformed and more stable.

Aviation Aluminum Gantry

The performance is very stable, and it can stably withstand the forces in various complex environments. Secondly, the strength is very high, and it is not easy to deform, and can withstand pressure, tension and bending for a long time. The aviation aluminum mast also has high-speed characteristics. Compared with other materials, aviation aluminum has better toughness, lighter weight, higher corrosion resistance, better oxidation resistance and lower density.

Aviation Aluminum

Laser head

Through program setting and continuous focusing, fast perforation and automatic cutting of plates with different thicknesses and materials can be realized. It can focus automatically and does not require manual adjustment by the user. In addition, the fully upgraded dust-proof design and double-layer protection increase the anti-collision function of the laser head body, making the device more durable.

Application industry

Automatic Loading and Unloading Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Medium and Thin Sheet is widely used in rail transit, automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, electrical appliances, grain machinery, textile machinery, tool processing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, kitchen utensils and bathrooms, decoration factory reports, laser processing services, and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.

Fitness equipment industry5-laser cutting machine
Fitness equipment industry
Automobile industry3-fiberl laser cutting machine
Automobile industry
Decoration engineering industry7 laser cutting machine

Decoration engineering industry

CNC laser machine cutting sheet metal with light spark. Technology plasma industrial, Blue steel color
Sheet metal processing industry
Kitchen industry3 laser cutting machine
Kitchen industry
Appliance industry2 laser cutting machine
Appliance industry

customer feedback


I have a small factory myself. Recently, the demand for processing has increased. I bought three machines at one time from DXTECHINDIA. After testing the cutting effect, the cutting effect is very good. Allen explained it to me in detail. I trust them and hope for their service. Can keep going forever.


I have been using a plasma cutter for 10 years. Recently, a customer reported that the cutting was too rough, so he decided to change to a fiber laser cutting machine. After comparing many companies, I finally chose DXTECHINDIA’s full-coverage fiber optic machine. Their sales instructions are very detailed and solved some of my problems. Hope my business will be more and more prosperous with the help of this machine!