Aluminum fiber laser cutting machine cutting skills

In our country, we have a huge manufacturing industry, and metal processing is an important part of it. In recent years, as an efficient, precise, time-saving, and labor-saving cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machine has played an increasingly important role in the manufacturing industry. Among the common metal materials, stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum plate are the main ones. Although stainless steel and carbon steel have always been easy to cut by fiber laser cutting machines, aluminum, as a highly reflective material, has always been a cutting problem for fiber laser cutting machines.

As a highly reflective material, aluminum has a relatively low absorption rate for laser light, which makes aluminum cutting not as easy as other metals. Moreover, aluminum is one of the main materials in the market. Therefore, how to cut aluminum with a fiber laser cutting machine has become an important task.

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Tip 1: Choose the right fiber laser-cutting machine

To cut aluminum, you first need to choose a fiber laser cutting machine suitable for processing the material. Since laser cutting aluminum requires high power and related technologies, it is necessary to choose equipment with high power and cutting-edge fiber laser technology when purchasing equipment.

Tip 2: Reasonably set cutting parameters

When cutting aluminum with a fiber laser cutting machine, it is necessary to set the cutting parameters reasonably. For example, the cutting speed should be adjusted appropriately. Generally speaking, the cutting speed of aluminum is slightly slower than that of stainless steel or carbon steel, and the cutting depth should be set to different values according to the different thicknesses of aluminum to ensure the cutting effect.

Tip 3: Properly clean and maintain equipment

Fiber laser cutting machine is a high-tech equipment, therefore, after use, the equipment must be properly cleaned and maintained. Clean up the dust and debris in the equipment in time, clean the optical components and water-cooling devices, and ensure the normal operation and long-term stability of the equipment.

Tip 4: Use Appropriate Supporting Materials

When cutting aluminum with a fiber laser, some auxiliary materials can be used appropriately, such as aluminum powder, aluminum oxide film agent, etc. These auxiliary materials can reduce the difficulty of fiber laser cutting while speeding up cutting speed and improving production efficiency.

What can we prepare during the cutting process?

A blackened surface reduces reflectivity

To make cutting aluminum easier, the surface of the aluminum can be painted black. Regardless of the subsequent appearance of the aluminum material, the black coating can effectively reduce the reflectivity of the aluminum material to the laser and improve the cutting efficiency.

More power and better cutting effect

The reflectivity of aluminum to light is usually around 70%. Larger lasers can be replaced if economics permits. Usually, 3000W power can cut 8mm of inner aluminum material, and 6000W power can cut 16mm of inner aluminum material. Choose a larger laser power according to the thickness to be cut to get a better cutting effect.

Adjust the cutting process to avoid burrs

Aluminum itself is not resistant to high temperatures, and burrs will occur if the cutting time is not appropriate. By adjusting parameters such as cutting focus, speed, output power, and air pressure, you can better cut aluminum and avoid burrs.

Choose the right assist gas

The special color of aluminum makes it more difficult to ensure the uniform color of cut products. In this case, nitrogen is a better choice. Nitrogen can prevent oxidation very well, retain the characteristics of the material itself, and at the same time ensure the uniform color of the cut products.

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