6000W 1530SP6T220 Full Coverage Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Cutting Thick Carbon Steel Stainless Steel To Australia

Thank you Australian customers for choosing DXTECHINDIA’s 6000W 1530SP6T220 fiber laser cutting machine. I believe you will be more satisfied after receiving the machine.

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The customer has accumulated certain experience in the metal processing industry but still needs better products to meet the growing needs of customers. When customers are looking for more efficient processing methods, they pay attention to fiber laser-cutting machines. Customers have always wanted to try new cutting technologies, so they began to learn about fiber laser cutting machines.

When considering the type of cutting machine, the customer believes that fiber laser cutting technology can be used for larger metal cutting with a smooth cutting surface and high precision. Since Australia, where the customer is located, pays great attention to environmental protection, the customer is more concerned about the pollution of the machine. Among many fiber laser cutting machines, customers choose our SP series. Customers also need higher power machines, however, customers are always hesitant about which laser cutting machine to choose.

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We shared our transaction customer feedback with our customers and introduced our after-sales service and machine installation problems in detail. Our fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer provides us with after-sales technical support, so the accurate installation of the machine can be ensured. The machine will not be shipped until it has been tested and debugged. Customers can call our customer service hotline at any time to obtain relevant information and get timely help.

We have provided our customers with a very convenient fiber laser cutting machine for fast and precise metal cutting. Customers are very satisfied, and if there is any problem with the use of the machine, we will help and solve it. We want our customers to take their business to the next level and support them at all times. Thank you again for choosing DXTECHINDIA’s 6000W 1530SP6T220 fiber laser cutting machine, and look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

Machine Features:

The fiber laser cutting machine can achieve cutting accuracy within 0.2mm, the surface of the cutting material is smooth, the cutting quality is high, and the deformation is small. Even when cutting extremely thin materials, the material surface is guaranteed to be clean, and the cut surface can be welded immediately without polishing. In addition, our SP series machines are equipped with a large enclosure, which is very friendly to both the operator and the environment.

High Conversion Rates Reduce Costs

The photoelectric conversion rate of the Raycus laser is as high as 40%, which will greatly reduce the operating cost of the machine in the long run. The machine has fast cutting speed, high efficiency, safe operation, and stable performance, providing the necessary guarantee for your production line.

High-quality cutting, beautiful appearance

The machine has good cutting quality, small deformation, smooth and beautiful appearance. Adopt imported servo motor and guide rail, high cutting precision. Whether you need high-speed cutting or high-precision cutting, this machine is your best choice.

Flexible and convenient software design

Various graphics or characters designed by professional software can be processed in real-time, with flexible processing and simple and convenient operation. This machine can cut graphics according to the needs, so it is very powerful and has a wide range of applications. It is an essential equipment for industrial production.

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6000W 1530SP6T220 fiber laser cutting machine is a sharp tool for high-precision cutting, not only with fast cutting speed and high efficiency but also can guarantee the cutting quality. The use of this machine can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and more importantly, improve product quality.