3000w metal furniture laser cutting machine for metal door processing successfully sent to the Indian port

The metal furniture industry has always been one of the important sectors in the Indian market. Now many customers who process metal doors will choose fiber laser cutting machines to cut metal materials. Choosing the right machine can not only save manpower but also save a certain amount of plates. Fiber laser cutting machine is favored by many enterprises for its high precision, high efficiency, and low cost.

3000w metal furniture laser cutting machine for metal door processing successfully sent to the Indian port1

This Indian customer purchased a metal furniture laser cutting machine with a processing area of 3000*1500 and a machine power of 3000W. The customer is engaged in the metal furniture industry, and the materials that needed to be processed were all outsourced before, but now he chooses to buy machines to process by himself, which saves money in the long run. This metal furniture laser cutting machine has been processed and will be sent to the port of India soon. This laser-cutting machine has many advantages in processing metal doors and metal furniture, bringing a touch of surprise to the metal furniture industry in India.

Let’s take a look at the features of this metal furniture laser-cutting machine first. The machine has an independent electric control cabinet, which is not only convenient for maintenance, but also has good heat dissipation conditions, and can be moved at will. This makes the operation more convenient and flexible, whether it is in the production workshop or the warehouse, it can be easily moved to meet the needs of different production environments. This undoubtedly provides more choices and flexibility for Indian metal furniture companies.

What is even more pleasing is that our metal furniture laser cutting machine is complete when it leaves the factory, and you can use it immediately after receiving the machine without delaying your production. For metal furniture producers in India, time is money. They need efficient production tools to meet the market demand, and this laser-cutting machine just meets the demand.

3000w metal furniture laser cutting machine for metal door processing successfully sent to the Indian port4

In addition, to provide better after-sales service to Indian customers, we have established an after-sales service team in India. If you encounter problems during use, don’t worry. Our professional engineers can come to your door directly to help you, saving you a lot of time. We are well aware of the importance of after-sales service to customers, and we will do our best to ensure customer satisfaction.

With the successful delivery of this metal furniture laser cutting machine to Indian ports, it is believed that India’s metal furniture industry will usher in technological innovation. It will help metal furniture manufacturers improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality and market competitiveness. We look forward to creating a better future with our partners in India.

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