3000W 1530SP metal laser cutting machine sent to Ashdod Port, Israel

We are pleased to announce that a DXTECHINDIA 1530SP metal laser cutting machine has been successfully sent to the Port of Ashdod, Israel! This is an important milestone and the result of our continuous pursuit of excellence. Here, we would like to share this customer’s high evaluation of our products and services:

3000W 1530SP metal laser cutting machine sent to Ashdod Port, Israel2
3000W 1530SP metal laser cutting machine sent to Ashdod Port, Israel1

Customers also compared a lot of machines before deciding to buy our machines. After comprehensive consideration, he still insisted on his original idea and chose us. This is inseparable from the professional level of our salesmen and the after-sales service of DXTECHINDIA.

The customer communicated through video at the beginning, and wanted to see the appearance of the machine and the situation of the factory first. Our salesmen patiently explain the machine configuration to customers, actively demonstrate samples, and cut according to the materials specified by customers. This action makes customers very satisfied with us.

The customer originally had doubts about after-sales service because of the long distance, but after understanding our after-sales service through the detailed explanation of the salesman, he no longer has any doubts. We know that good after-sales service is a big factor for our success, so we pay great attention to details, including adding technical support, raw material stock and so on.

Adhering to the premise of allowing customers to receive the goods as soon as possible and be able to put into production as soon as possible to make a profit, we started the production and processing of the machine after receiving the customer’s deposit. After a month of hard work, the machine is ready to be sent to Israel after passing strict quality checks. We work closely with our partners and carefully arrange every detail to ensure a smooth and error-free process.

We are very proud of this cooperation. At the same time, we will continue to insist on high-quality products, professional pre-sales and after-sales services and innovative technologies. Thank you for your attention to us, if you are interested in our products or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Brief description of the machine

This 3000W metal laser cutting machine is mainly suitable for customers who have higher requirements for protection measures and processing efficiency, focusing on metal processing and plate cutting.

Function details

  • The standard exchange platform design saves loading and unloading time and improves processing efficiency.
  • The integrated design of electric cabinets optimizes the layout and saves space.
  • This 3000W metal laser cutting machine is equipped with an internal and external dual monitoring system and CE certified glass protection, which is more convenient to use, safer and more eye-friendly.
  • The whole system is equipped with air pressure detection alarm, chiller, and laser alarm as standard, and the control is safe and reliable. Whether it is safety or processing efficiency, this machine can bring customers a high-quality experience.

machine recommendation

Metal Sheet Laser Cutter With Fll Cover Exchange Table3 dxtechindia


  1. As a metal laser cutting machine, the design of the outer cover not only pursues the beauty, but more importantly, prevents the cutting sparks from flying and reduces the danger of fire. The 3000W 1530SP metal laser cutting machine fully covers the sheet metal shell, effectively reducing environmental pollution such as cutting dust and flying dust, making the cutting process more environmentally friendly, smoke-free and pollution-free.

  2. In terms of internal design, the 3000W 1530SP metal laser cutting machine has dual cameras, which can observe the machine status at any time during processing, monitor the cutting process, and adjust process parameters in real time through reasonable feedback to ensure cutting quality and efficiency.

  3. To ensure high efficiency and precision, the 3000W 1530SP metal laser cutting machine adopts a double gear transmission system, which makes the operation more stable and reliable. World-class quality fiber lasers have a long history of application, are easy to maintain, stable and reliable, and are essential equipment for the manufacturing industry.

  4. In terms of laser cutting head, the 3000W 1530SP metal laser cutting machine adopts high-precision laser cutting head and imported optical lenses, with fine focus, convenient adjustment and perfect cutting. At the same time, the equipment has dual-loop control with high response, high capacitance and low sensitivity, stable and reliable optical path and control system, special cutting software, cutting process experts, data storage and recall functions, which can meet the cutting needs of various metal plates.

Cutting samples

sample7 fiber laser cutting machine
sample69 fiber laser cutting machine
sample72 fiber laser cutting machine

3000W 1530SP metal laser cutting machine is a cost-effective, high-quality metal laser cutting machine, which not only has excellent cutting performance, but also makes enterprises safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly in industrial manufacturing. It is reported that the equipment has served many large enterprises and has been highly praised by customers for a long time. Welcome enterprises in need to come to contact  and negotiate, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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