CNC 3000W 1530FP metal laser cutting machine for metal work shipped to Singapore

Recently, DXTECHINDIA Laser Company shipped out a 3000W 1530FP fiber laser cutting machine and presented it to customers in Singapore. We are honored to be able to provide customers with high-quality, high-precision fiber laser cutting machine equipment. The following are some experiences and feelings of customers in the purchase process.

3000W 1530FP fiber laser cutting machine shipped to Singapore1 dxtechindia

For the needs of customers, we have made a detailed understanding. The customer has been engaged in the metal processing industry and is used to using plasma cutting machines. Now customers want to expand their industry and improve work efficiency to better meet market demand. In the past user experience, the customer found that the cutting surface of the plasma cutting machine was not smooth during the process of cutting thick plates, and the cutting residue was large, which caused certain pollution to the environment and was not good for the health of workers. Therefore, after the customer studied the fiber laser cutting machine, he decided to expand his vision!

3000W 1530FP fiber laser cutting machine shipped to Singapore2 dxtechindia

The customer compared and analyzed the cutting equipment currently on the market before purchasing. After comparing the plasma cutting machine and the fiber laser cutting machine, the customer found that the fiber laser cutting machine is very different from the plasma cutting machine! Plasma-cutting machines are mostly used to cut thick plates, but the cutting surface is not smooth, and the cutting residue is large, causing pollutant emissions. They are not friendly to workers, and the cutting accuracy is average. And fiber laser cutting machine can do all the above work very well. After weighing the pros and cons, the customer decided to buy a laser-cutting machine.

3000W 1530FP fiber laser cutting machine shipped to Singapore3 dxtechindia

As an international company, DXTECHINDIA Laser has a high reputation in the laser cutting industry. We provide OEM services for well-known international brands and provide high-quality laser-cutting solutions for global users.

Not only that, but customers also appreciate our after-sales service. We not only provide a full range of technical services but also design and manufacture customized machines that meet customer requirements according to the special needs of customers. This will give customers peace of mind!

A successful purchase requires a deep understanding of the market and a full analysis of the equipment. I believe that by purchasing DXTECHINDIA laser counterparts, we can provide customers with excellent equipment, meet market demand, and achieve higher returns. Thanks for this cooperation, we look forward to providing better service to our customers!

Machine Features:

3000W 1530FP fiber laser cutting machine shipped to Singapore4 dxtechindia

With the continuous progress of the industrial age and the increasing maturity of technology, laser cutting technology has gradually become one of the mainstream processes for cutting metal and non-metal materials. In terms of cutting effect, cutting speed, and efficiency, laser cutting technology has made great progress and has been widely used. At the same time, with the rapid development of modern industry, the requirements for cutting accuracy and quality are getting higher and higher. The 3000W 1530FP fiber laser cutting machine launched by DXTECHINDIA is a model of entry-level models.

1. High conversion rate

The photoelectric conversion rate of the Raycus laser is as high as 40%, which will greatly reduce the operating cost of the machine in the long run. The machine can guarantee extremely high stability during operation without causing any burden.

2. High efficiency

Fast cutting speed, high efficiency, safe operation, and stable performance. The cutting speed of the machine is very fast and the work efficiency is high, which can greatly improve the work efficiency, and at the same time ensure the safety during operation, and the stability is excellent.

3. High precision

The machine has good cutting quality, small deformation, smooth and beautiful appearance. The machine adopts imported servo motors and guide rails, with high cutting precision and excellent processing quality. It is also capable of cutting narrow and fine lines, ensuring work precision.

4. Flexibility

Various graphics or characters designed by professional software can be processed in real-time, with flexible processing and simple and convenient operation. The software of the machine is very professional and can realize various graphics and text processing, which is very flexible. At the same time, it is very easy to operate and very convenient.

3000W 1530FP fiber laser cutting machine shipped to Singapore5 dxtechindia


In conclusion, the 3000W 1530FP fiber laser cutting machine is a machine with high precision, high efficiency, and excellent stability. If you are an industrial manufacturer and want to achieve greater performance in the industrial field, then this machine can benefit you a lot.