3000w 1530ET fiber laser cutting machine sent to Tajikistan

First of all, thanks to the trust of customers in Tajikistan, they chose our 1530ET fiber laser cutting machine. At present, after 30 days of design, quality inspection and debugging, this machine is ready to be sent to Tajikistan.

The customer has 10 years of experience in using plasma cutting machines, is very familiar with machine cutting, and is very clear about his specific needs. He wants to cut both plates and pipes, and because it is a small workshop, it mainly provides external processing services. Yes, I want to increase the speed. According to the customer’s needs, we showed him some of our cutting videos and cut the samples specified by the customer, and the customer had some trust in us. But we are still worried about delivery and after-sales issues. We have referred to some previous cases in Central Asia for this issue, and introduced our after-sales guidelines in detail. After serious communication with our sales staff, the customer finally made up his mind to buy this 1530FT Fiber laser cutting machine.

The general picture of the machine model and the pictures ready for delivery:

If you want to cut sheet and pipe at the same time, then this 1530ET fiber laser cutting machine will be very suitable for you.


1. It can cut plates within 20mm and various square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes, etc.
2. Equipped with 15s exchange platform, it can speed up the cutting speed, make the work more efficient and the processing quality better.
3. Using advanced fiber laser, the performance of components is stable and the service life is long;
4. One machine cuts boards and pipes, greatly reducing operating costs.

high quality accessories

fiber laser cutting machine2
fiber laser cutting machine3
fiber laser cutting machine

sample display

sample5-metal laser cutting machine
sample3-metal laser cutting machine
sample2-metal laser cutting machine

If you want to know more about 1530ET fiber laser cutting machine, please leave us a message.