2000W 1530FP3T fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal to India

Recently, our company successfully shipped a 2000W 1530FP3T fiber laser cutting machine to an Indian customer, which is 2kW high-power machine. When purchasing the machine, the customer not only chose our 2KW machine but also purchased a matching laser marking machine. Our machines have been highly recognized by customers in terms of performance and quality.

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In the initial stage of purchasing, our client compared several trading companies. However, considering that trading companies cannot provide customers with strong guarantees and perfect after-sales services, and use a large number of low-end accessories, customers have a deeper understanding and awareness of our brand.

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We always adhere to the strict management of production to ensure that the products produced are the best. At the same time, we will also feed back the production progress to customers in real-time to ensure that the detailed information about the machines provided to customers will not be wrong. Our machines adopt an intelligent control system, which is easy to operate and manage. Even if there are problems, the perfect after-sales service can deal with them in time.

Our machines are customizable and able to be configured according to customer’s needs and preferences to ensure customers get the most cost-effective machines. Customers have their freight forwarders, and we also provide customers with a variety of fast delivery options. After the machine is completed, our factory employees will work overtime, pack and deliver to customers quickly to ensure the safe and fast delivery of the goods.

All in all, the success of this machine delivery is due to our first-class machine quality, reliable service, reasonable price, and fast delivery. Thanks to customers for their trust and support, we will work harder to provide customers with better products and services.

Machine Features:

Switching plate tubes is effortless

2000W 1530FP3T fiber laser cutting machine is a highly efficient cutting equipment. Its biggest feature is that the plate tube can be switched at any time. This switching operation is extremely simple and flexible, bringing a new experience to the enterprise. At the same time, this multi-purpose feature saves a lot of production costs for enterprises.

Safety shield greatly improves safety protection

Safety is undoubtedly the most important thing when operating a fiber laser cutting machine. Therefore, the processing point of the pipe-cutting machine is placed inside the safety shield, and the operator is guaranteed safety protection. This design greatly improves the safety of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Multi-type jaws Multi-functional cutting processing

The application range of the pipe-cutting machine is very wide, and it can be applied to the cutting and processing of various profiles. In the processing of different profiles, different types of jaws can be selected to achieve multi-functional cutting processing, such as angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, etc.

Gantry structure High-precision transmission mechanism

The equipment adopts a gantry structure, high-strength welded frame, overall stress relief treatment, good rigidity, and small deformation. High-precision servo motor drive, equipped with high-precision transmission mechanism, high installation accuracy, large transmission torque, small transmission error, and good dynamic characteristics. This special structure can not only improve the processing effect but also improve the stability of the whole machine.

Special workbench for pipe cutting to assist with blanking

At the same time, this laser pipe-cutting machine is also equipped with a special workbench for pipe cutting to assist in the processing and blanking of long pipe workpieces. In this way, the blanking is more convenient, fast, and accurate, and the blanking efficiency is greatly improved.

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In general, the 2000W 1530FP3T fiber laser cutting machine not only has a variety of functions, but also is easy to operate, strong in use, and has outstanding features. It is hoped that the enterprise can introduce this advanced equipment and bring a new experience for the development of the enterprise!

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