1530FP 6T330 3000w metal furniture sheet and tube laser cutting machine sent to Slovakia

Recently, a customer from Slovakia ordered our 1530FP 6T330 sheet and tube-integrated laser cutting machine. The customer originally planned to buy in G-weike, we gave him local samples. After he went to see the samples, he was very satisfied with the machine. He has seen our machines work and is full of praise for our machines. Through direct communication with model customers, customers can better understand our strengths and perfect after-sales system.

1530FP 6T330 sheet and tube integrated laser cutting machine sent to Slovakia1 dxtechindia

Our engineers provide many customized services that G-weike cannot provide. DXTECHINDIA can provide customers with special customized services to meet customers needs. Because the customer needs to cut larger diameter pipes, we provided him with a custom chuck of 330mm. At the same time, our engineers also designed a clear machine layout according to the customer’s project.

We are very happy to share with you the packaging photos of our customers’ machines. We will customize the most suitable machine for customers in the fastest time. The machine is ready, before packing, we will do a video inspection for the customer to make sure everything is in line with the customer’s requirements. Customers are very satisfied with our services and have full confidence in the machines we provide.

We sent the 1530FP 6T330 sheet and tube integrated laser cutting machine ordered by the customer to Slovakia. This is a high-precision, high-speed, high-stability machine that can realize rapid cutting of metal plates and metal pipes, and can provide customers with more efficient, more economical, and more quality-assured processing services. Customers’ recognition and trust in DXTECHINDIA is our greatest encouragement. We will, as always, provide our customers with high-quality machines and perfect after-sales service, and escort their production and business.

1530FP 6T330 sheet and tube integrated laser cutting machine sent to Slovakia3 dxtechindia

Machine Features:

Open structure, easy loading, and unloading: one person operates more than 2 devices

This machine adopts an open structure, which is convenient for operators to load and unload sheet metal and pipes. Moreover, one person can operate more than two devices, effectively improving work efficiency.

Integrated design: reduce floor space and save investment cost

This 1530FP 6T330 sheet and tube integrated laser cutting machine adopts an integrated design, both sheet and tube can be processed on the same machine. This not only reduces the floor space but also saves a lot of investment costs.

The chuck automatically adjusts the clamping force: fast speed and high efficiency

When processing pipes, the chuck can automatically adjust the clamping force to ensure that the thin pipes are not deformed and the large pipes can also be clamped. The cutting speed reaches 120m/min, and the rotating speed is 140R/min, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

The perforation efficiency is greatly improved: the hole is not easy to explode, and the cutting efficiency is high

This 1530FP 6T330 sheet and tube-integrated laser cutting machine can effectively improve the efficiency and effect of piercing, and it is not easy to burst holes. Ideal for cutting small round holes and handling tasks that increase efficiency. Moreover, when changing metal materials of different thicknesses or models, there is no need to manually adjust the focus, which is convenient and practical.

Raytools laser head: good stability and durability, ensuring processing accuracy and effect

Raytools laser head has good stability and durability, following the lifting laser head, even in areas with uneven surfaces, it can also ensure a constant distance from the laser focus to the metal surface to be processed, thereby ensuring processing accuracy and effect.

1530FP 6T330 sheet and tube integrated laser cutting machine sent to Slovakia4 dxtechindia


In the process of sheet metal and pipe processing, 1530FP 6T330 sheet and tube integrated laser cutting machine performs well. It is not only easy to use, but also greatly improves processing efficiency, saves investment costs, and is convenient and practical. It is an indispensable tool.