1530FP 3KW fiber laser cutting machine +160T 3200 E21 bending machine sent to Kyrgyzstan

Thanks to customers from Kyrgyzstan for choosing the 1530FP 3KW fiber laser cutting machine and 160T 3200 E21 bending machine produced by DXTECHINDIA. The customer is in the kitchenware industry, and now wants to produce by himself, and needs a reliable and efficient machine. Our company offers the best options for this.

1530FP 3KW fiber laser cutting machine +160T 3200 E21 bending machine sent to Kyrgyzstan2
1530FP 3KW fiber laser cutting machine +160T 3200 E21 bending machine sent to Kyrgyzstan1

The types of products that customers need to bend are relatively single, and the plates that need to be processed are relatively thin. Therefore, we recommend the torsion axis bending machine of DXTECHINDIA’s E21 system. This machine is more cost-effective and suitable for processing thin plates. To meet the high requirements of customers on the cutting effect of the machine, we provide customers with FP series machines. We also helped customers to do sample testing, and the test results show that customers are very satisfied with our products. The electrical components of the whole machine are concentrated in an independent electric control cabinet, which is conducive to heat dissipation and maintenance. In addition, the distance between the display screen of our machine and the bed is large, which can avoid damage to the human body caused by sparks and smoke generated during the cutting process. The quality of our products is very reliable. To make customers feel more at ease, we provide a two-year free warranty for fiber machines and a one-year free warranty for bending machines. At the same time, we provide professional after-sales service for all machines purchased from our company. After purchase, we have a professional after-sales team in charge and provide lifetime free technical support.

Finally, we would like to thank customers in Kyrgyzstan for choosing our products again, and we will continue to provide customers with the best service.

Brief description of the machine

1530FP 3KW fiber laser cutting machine +160T 3200 E21 bending machine sent to Kyrgyzstan4

3KW fiber laser cutting machine and 160T 3200 E21 bending machine can work efficiently in an industrial environment, adopt intelligent system operation, greatly reduce operating costs, simplify manual operations, and bring more efficient and professional man-hour services to enterprises.

This 3KW fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages, such as long life, high processing precision, and fast speed. The power conversion efficiency is high, and it can realize intelligent, automatic, and flexible operation. Adopting the most advanced technology can help enterprises achieve efficient and refined production processes while saving energy and reducing costs. In addition, the 160T 3200 E21 bending machine frame adopts German technology for internal stress relief. Guarantee the overall accuracy of the machine tool, excellent rigidity, and excellent anti-distortion and anti-tilt capabilities. The hydraulic transmission ensures that there will be no serious overload accidents caused by the change of sheet thickness or improper selection of the “V” groove of the lower die during work. This bending machine also has the characteristics of stable work, convenient operation, low noise, safety, and reliability.

We believe that this machine will become a powerful assistant in the production process of your enterprise, helping you to achieve high-efficiency and low-cost production.

machine recommendation

Economical Sheet Laser Cutting Machine1 DXTECHINDIA


3KW fiber laser cutting machine:

  1. High cutting precision
    It has the characteristics of a narrow kerf, no deformation of the workpiece, high precision, machining accuracy of ±0.02mm/m, and repeatability of ±0.03mm.
  2. High efficiency
    High efficiency, using the world’s top imported optical fiber, stable performance, and fast speed, the positioning speed has reached 150m/m.
  3. High photoelectric conversion rate
    The photoelectric conversion rate is as high as 25%-30%. Low power consumption, only about 20%-30% of traditional CO2 laser cutting machines.
  4. Many types of cutting
    Irregular figures of stainless steel and carbon steel can be cut arbitrarily, and the cutting surface is smooth without secondary processing.

160T  bending machine:

  1. The 160T 3200 E21 bending machine frame adopts an integrally welded structure and eliminates internal stress through vibration aging. While ensuring the overall accuracy of the machine tool, it greatly improves the rigidity of the machine, making it have excellent anti-twist and anti-tilt capabilities.

  2. The thickened worktable and slider not only make the whole machine more rigid but also minimize the deformation of the slider and worktable during the bending process, thus ensuring that the workpiece maintains good straightness during bending and angle consistency.

  3. The hydraulic system is another highlight of this machine. The 160T 3200 E21 bending machine adopts an integrated control system, which makes the pipeline installation easier. At the same time, the imported sealing ring is selected, which greatly improves the working stability of the machine. In addition, the machine has a beautiful and simple appearance, which shows its high quality.

  4. In terms of power supply, the machine also has an advanced safety protection design. The bending machine is equipped with light curtain protection and a power-off function when opening the door, making the operation safer and more stable, avoiding any accidents.

  5. The 160T 3200 E21 bending machine has a stylish appearance, exquisite appearance, compact design, small footprint, simple and convenient operation, and is a reliable high-quality machine tool.

Cutting samples

sample7 fiber laser cutting machine
sample72 fiber laser cutting machine

The 3KW fiber laser cutting machine and 160T bending machine are widely used in the cutting and forming of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metal materials. It has the characteristics of fast speed, high precision, high efficiency, high-cost performance, and energy saving. It is the first choice for the metal processing industry. Welcome enterprises in need to come to contact and negotiate, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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