High Efficiency 1530 FL series 3000W kitchenware metal laser cutting machine sent to Indonesia

Recently, we sent a 1530 FL series 1000W fiber laser cutting machine to Indonesia. We know that this is an affirmation of our products and services, but also a challenge to us. In this article, we will share with you the reasons why this Indonesian customer chooses our products and the series of high-quality services we provide to customers.

1530 FL series 1000W fiber laser cutting machine sent to Indonesia1 dxtechindia

FL series fiber laser cutting machine is one of the main products of our company. It adopts a cantilever structure, which combines the electronic cabinet and workbench, simplifies the machine structure, and facilitates operation and maintenance. At the same time, it can cut most metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, and so on. These advantages are also one of the reasons why this Indonesian customer chooses our products.

This customer is from Indonesia and has contracted a large-scale project with a tightly specified time node, and needs to complete 10,000 workpieces within the specified time. To give customers a better experience, we specially arranged a proofing video for customers. After watching the video, the customer was very satisfied with the cutting speed and cutting effect of the machine, and soon decided to choose our products.

For the benefit of customers, we always consider customers. To help customers save operating costs, we recommend air compressors to customers. When the machine was almost finished, the customer added another air compressor. Since the customer wants to participate in the exhibition on our behalf of us, we upgraded the machine to 1530 working size for him free of charge to provide a more efficient and economical operating experience. In this way, customers can complete the work within the specified time, while saving costs and obtaining more benefits.

After the customer paid and waited for nearly 30 days, the machine finally arrived in Indonesia. We have arranged the entire delivery process for the customer in advance and ensured that the machine is delivered to the customer safely. The customer was very satisfied after receiving the machine, and he thought that using this machine would make his work easier and simpler, and at the same time make more profits.

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Machine Features:

With the continuous development of science and technology, laser cutting is more and more widely used in various industries. The emergence of fiber laser technology has promoted further innovations in this field. 1530 FL series 1000W fiber laser cutting machine, as a new generation of high-efficiency cutting tool, has several leading technologies to provide customers with a full range of cutting solutions.

Complete machine delivery, no installation required

After purchasing this laser-cutting machine, customers don’t need to worry about complicated installation issues. We ship the whole machine, customers only need to connect the electric circuit, water, and air to the machine. And it can be used directly without any other debugging, saving valuable time and capital costs for customers.

Debugging in advance, pre-store cutting parameters

Before delivery, our engineers will debug the machine in advance according to the plates often cut by customers to ensure the best performance of the machine. Then they will also store cutting parameters in advance, and customers can switch according to different materials, which saves debugging time and is more efficient and convenient.

Accessories fully comply with European CE standards

As a product aimed at the global market, our machine accessories fully comply with European CE standards. Not only that, but we have also carried out strict quality inspections to ensure that each machine has excellent quality and performance, allowing customers to use it with peace of mind.

1530 FL series 1000W fiber laser cutting machine sent to Indonesia4 dxtechindia


The many advantages of the 1530 FL series 1000W fiber laser cutting machine make it highly sought after in the market. Efficient, convenient, easy to use, and standardized accessories, these advantages are also the direction of our continuous improvement and innovation. We believe that this laser-cutting machine will become the best in the industry shortly.