The 1500W laser welding, cleaning, and cutting machine used for car maintenance services sent to Kosovo

Recently, our company received an order, a customer from Kosovo ordered a 1500W laser welding cleaning and cutting machine. The client’s industry is auto repair service. He wants to weld some auto parts with a welding machine, and at the same time needs to clean and cut the surface of the welding material. After many times of communication and understanding, he chose our company’s equipment. This time, we would like to introduce this client and his needs to you.

1500W laser welding cleaning and cutting machine sent to Kosovo1 dxtechindia

The automotive industry needs various welding, cutting, cleaning, and other equipment, and many auto maintenance service providers need to use this equipment. This customer is also a car repair service provider, he needs to weld some car parts, and at the same time clean and cut the surface of the parts. This can not only improve work efficiency but also ensure the quality of welding and cutting.

The customer attaches great importance to the performance and quality of the equipment, and he does not choose our equipment on impulse. He learned that our company has professional R&D and manufacturing experience and can provide him with high-quality, high-performance equipment. Our equipment is excellent in welding effect, which can effectively improve work efficiency and improve welding quality. At the same time, we can also provide customized services according to the actual needs of customers to make the equipment more suitable for their actual needs.

In the process of purchasing equipment, this customer also had some doubts about the authenticity of our company, worrying whether our company is legal and regulated. Our company has always paid great attention to reputation and service and can provide professional and high-quality equipment and services. We have given customers great confidence in our authenticity by demonstrating our company’s capabilities in certification, equipment manufacturing, and software development.

Thanks to this Kosovo customer for his trust and support to our company, and also to all customers for their trust and support. We will continue to provide customers with high-quality, high-performance equipment and professional services, and provide customers with the best possible help for their business development.

Machine Features:

The following will focus on the three functions of the 1500W laser welding cleaning and cutting machine.

1. Welding function

The welding function is the main function of the 1500W laser welding cleaning and cutting machine. Through high-energy laser technology, the welding speed is extremely fast and the quality of the weld seam is also very stable. The portable welding torch is flexible in use and can realize multi-directional welding work, such as fillet welding and splicing welding. When welding, the operation of the machine is simple, and automatic welding can be realized with just one key to start the machine. Plus, you can get a wire feeder for free to get better welding results and make your welding tasks easier.

2. Cleaning function

This 1500W laser welding cleaning and cutting machine can be cleaned after replacing the laser head. The cleaning function is very useful when welding certain materials with dirt. And when welding certain materials, when the welding surface turns black, you can use the cleaning function to restore the original color of the material. In addition, it can make the welding position flatter and improve the welding quality through the cleaning function. The existence of this function saves the operator from complicated cleaning steps and ensures high welding efficiency.

3. Cutting function

1500W laser welding cleaning and cutting machine sent to Kosovo5

The machine can also occasionally cut thin materials. This machine adopts laser cutting technology, which requires very low heating energy and very fast cutting speed. When cutting, there is no thermal influence on the material, the risk of material variation is extremely low, and the material life is longer. In addition, the dimensional accuracy of the workpieces cut by the machine is extremely high, which is more suitable for cutting workpieces that require high precision.


Looking at the above three functions is enough to prove that this is an efficient and practical device, which greatly facilitates the operator and improves work efficiency. 1500W laser welding cleaning and cutting machine, you deserve it!