1500w laser cleaning machine sent to Australia

We are pleased to announce to you that our 1500w laser cleaning machine has been shipped to Australia. The main purpose of this machine is to remove rust from metal surfaces, but it can also clean paint and oil stains.

1500w laser cleaning machine
1500w laser cleaning machine sent to Australia2

We were very excited when we received deposit orders from Australian customers. This customer mainly wants to use our laser cleaning machine to clean agricultural machinery. Although he has found similar machines in the Australian market, the price is almost three times higher. Our machines only need 7 days of production time and 3 days of air freight time, and we can also provide customers with free online sales technical services afterward, which is enough for customers to use the machine after purchasing with confidence. After the customer received the machine, he was very happy and took a video. We can see that he is very excited to use the machine and it is very useful in his business! Our machines have been a great help to his business.

We are very proud to be able to provide high-quality laser cleaning machines to customers in Australia and bring benefits to their business. We are confident that our machines will continue to be the machines of choice for customers in Australia for cleaning metal surfaces.

Brief description of the machine

1500w laser cleaning machine sent to Australia3

This 1500w laser cleaning machine relies on the high efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the 1500w continuous wave laser and is cooled by a water cooler to improve the stability of the cleaning machine in a wider range of cleaning scenarios. In addition to excellent performance, the cleaning machine also has a small and light hand-held laser head, which is convenient for continuous use for a long time. At the same time, the integrated design of the button and the handle also greatly improves the convenience and comfort of the user.

The built-in scanning system adopts a small high-speed motor and drive, and the main body is integrally processed and formed. These sturdy materials are resistant to dust, but also provide stability and durability during long-term use. In addition, the cleaning machine is also equipped with a wireless control system that can realize remote control of parameters such as scan shape, scan length, laser output power, frequency, and pulse width. The emergence of this system not only facilitates the control and command of the cleaning machine but also improves the efficiency and effect of cleaning. This 1500W laser cleaning machine not only guarantees high efficiency and stability but also has a simple and easy-to-use external design and a rigorous and durable internal structure.

machine recommendation

Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine4 dxtechindia


  1. Adopt Hanli chiller, thickened sheet metal structure, strong and anti-deformation.
  2. With non-contact 360° cleaning, no damage to the substrate, no consumables, and no chemical pollution saving costs and achieving zero emissions. This makes it a more environmentally friendly and efficient way to clean.
  3. An upgraded version of the laser cleaning head is used, which is light and easy to use, and will not burn the lens after long-term operation. And it is also equipped with an extra-long branded optical cable, which is convenient for long-distance cleaning of large and irregular workpieces.
  4. The 1500w laser cleaning machine has a multi-language operating table, and common parameters can be stored as process files. Easy to use with minimal training, making this machine very easy to operate
  5. It is suitable for large-scale and efficient cleaning of paint, rust, oil stains, oxide layers, etc. It not only improves work efficiency but also improves cleaning quality.

Cutting samples

sample56 fiber laser cutting machine

1500w laser cleaning machine is suitable for ships, boilers, steel surfaces, molds, product surface treatment before welding, weld bead and surrounding oxidation treatment after welding, thick oxide layer on metal surface, oil stain on metal surface, thick metal rust layer removal, etc. Welcome enterprises in need to come to contact and negotiate, we will serve you whole heartedly!

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