1500W customized high precision 1390 metal low carbon steel aluminum laser cutting machine sent to Australia

Laser technology is widely used in modern industry. Its applications include cutting, welding, surface treatment and medicine, and many other fields. The application of laser technology has become a sunrise industry worldwide. With the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, laser technology will be applied in more fields. Since the 1960s, China began to increase investment in the research and development and application of laser technology. After decades of hard work, China’s laser technology has made great progress and is in a leading position in the world. China’s laser equipment exports are also the largest in the world.

1500W high precision 1390 fiber laser cutting machine sent to Australia1 dxtechindia

Recently, we had the honor to provide a 1500W high precision 1390 fiber laser cutting machine to a customer in Australia. We are happy to provide them with custom solutions to meet their unique requirements, which include cutting thin metals with high precision.

After the customer contacted Dxtech India, we decided to provide the customer with a sample of our machine first, so that they can see the cutting effect intuitively. They were impressed with the performance of our machines and were excited to learn about our extensive after-sales support programs. We believe that by meeting our sample clients directly, they gain a better understanding of our capabilities and the level of service we provide.

After comprehensively assessing the needs of customers, our engineers designed a solution to meet their requirements. Compared with the previous models, this 1500W high precision 1390 fiber laser cutting machine has been improved in terms of the electric liftgate, laser head, pull table, etc.

1500W high precision 1390 fiber laser cutting machine sent to Australia3 dxtechindia

Our team of expert engineers also works closely with customers to design a compact body that saves space and increases the flexibility of machine operation. The closed design and visual operation interface make it easy for operators to master machine operation skills and ensure their safety of operators. We understand the importance of providing solutions that are easy to implement, and our team can make this happen in the final product.

The improvement and upgrade of this 1500W high precision 1390 fiber laser cutting machine aim to improve production efficiency and provide more guarantees for the refined production of products. It efficiently and accurately fine-cuts a variety of materials to support a variety of industries in Australia. It is believed that this device will achieve good sales results in the Australian market. Our support doesn’t end there as we are always available to answer any queries or support needed in the future.