1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine sent to New Zealand

Thank you New Zealand customers for choosing our 1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine, our fiber laser cutting machine is specially designed for electronic workpieces. It can cut thinner stainless steel and galvanized steel with high precision. Through laser cutting, the cut surface is smoother without burrs and deformation. Our machines can provide high-quality cutting effects, improve the processing efficiency of products, and can be used directly on the line without subsequent processing.

1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine sent to New Zealand2

We are very honored to have won the trust and recognition of New Zealand customers. The reason why we choose us is not only the quality of our products but also our reasonable price and perfect after-sales service. We have a professional after-sales service team, whether at home or abroad, we can quickly respond to customer needs and provide timely remote technical support. If necessary, we can also send technicians to repair on-site.

Our machine adopts the design of a closed high-precision fiber laser cutting machine. The whole machine is small in size and does not occupy production space. Customers only need to pack the machine in a 20GP container, which can save a lot of transportation costs. Our machine is delivered as a complete machine, which requires almost no installation, which is very convenient. We put a wooden pallet at the bottom of the machine, which is convenient for loading and unloading and transportation, and at the same time plays the role of strengthening the machine.

We attach great importance to the transportation safety of the machine. Through years of international transportation experience, we have summed up a lot of transportation experience to ensure that the machine can reach the customer smoothly. Before loading the machine into the container, we covered the machine with a layer of tarpaulin to protect the machine from moisture. If there are some uncontrollable accidents during transportation, we will also provide customers with after-sales service and solve their problems.

This 1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high-quality cutting effect, reasonable price, perfect after-sales service, and easy transportation and installation. We are very grateful for the support and trust of New Zealand customers, and we will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Brief description of the machine

1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine sent to New Zealand6

1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine is a high-precision metal cutting equipment with high cutting precision. It is widely used in the 3C electronics industry, medical industry, etc., for cutting metal film, metal mesh, electronic parts and other materials, and precision mold cutting. High efficiency, high precision, smooth edges without burrs, suitable for cutting various special shapes.

machine recommendation

Small Sealed Sheet Laser Cutting Machine2 DXTECHINDIA


  1. The small and precise 1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine ensures a small cutting range, which is more suitable for some small metal materials, such as advertising kitchen utensils and so on. Relatively speaking, the power is lower than ordinary fiber laser cutting machines.

  2. The small precision 1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine has a low cutting cost, which is very suitable for small enterprises or enterprises with small processing volumes. The miniaturized, precision fiber laser cutting machine takes up less space, so it is more convenient for placement and handling.

  3. The miniaturized and precise 1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine has high precision, the focal spot is finer, the cutting precision can reach 0.1mm, and the cutting surface is also very flat and smooth. In addition, its cutting speed is also very fast, which is more than 100 times that of wire cutting.

  4. The cost of the small precision 1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine is low, its price is only one-third of the fiber laser cutting machine with the same performance, two-fifths of the equivalent CNC punching machine, and the use cost is low. At the same time, the maintenance cost of the small precision fiber laser cutting machine is relatively low. It is most suitable for all kinds of precision metal products industries such as the glasses industry, craft gifts, hardware accessories, electronics, electrical appliances, etc.

With laser-cutting equipment, intricate high-edge cuts can be made with precision. A high-precision laser beam can quickly, cleanly, and efficiently manufacture close-tolerance components with little operator intervention. Advanced software and narrow cuts allow parts to nest tightly, maximizing yield and minimizing material waste.

Cutting samples

sample2 fiber laser cutting machine
sample70 fiber laser cutting machine

Small precision 1313Q 2KW fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in high-precision and high-integration industries such as electronic components, high-precision drilling, aerospace technology, robot parts, precision auto parts, signs, hardware, and electromechanical.Welcome enterprises in need to come to contact and negotiate, we will serve you whole heartedly!

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