125T/3200 Hydraulic Press Brake Bending Machine

DXTECH 125T/3200 Hydraulic Press Brake Bending Machine is the best-selling product of DXTECH bending machine, which has the characteristics of higher precision, better energy saving effect, faster speed and higher efficiency. It is suitable for high-precision and fast bending of various workpieces.

The integrated control system reduces the installation of pipelines, improves the working stability of the machine tool, and has a beautiful and simple appearance.


  1. The whole machine is welded by all steel plates. Vibration eliminates stress after tempering, the frame has good stability, and one-time processing ensures high precision
  2. Using electromagnetic clamping, the pressure plate can be made into various workpiece requirements, and workpieces with side walls can be processed
  3. Hydraulic Press Brake Bending Machine has a visual operating system for hydraulic press brakes, which is simple, convenient, multi-functional and practical
  4. Power supply safety protection design, with light curtain protection, power-off function when opening the door, safer operation
  5. The appearance is fashionable, exquisite and beautiful, the machine design is compact, the floor space is small, and the operation is convenient

Technical Parameters

Item 80/2500 100/3200 125/3200 130/4000
Nominal pressure 800KN 1000KN 1250KN 1300KN
Working table length 2500mm 3200mm 3200mm 4000mm
The distance between the columns 2000mm 2600mm 2600mm 3000mm
Throat depth 320mm 320mm 320mm 320mm
Slider stroke 150mm 200mm 200mm 200mm
The maximum opening height between the workbench and the slider 375mm 375mm 385mm 385mm
Main motor power 5.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW


125T/3200 Hydraulic Press Brake Bending Machine is widely used in plate bending processing in industries such as automobiles, aircraft manufacturing, light industry, shipbuilding, containers, elevators, and railway vehicles.

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